Top Best PC Gaming Headsets of 2022

Before you walk out that door to shop for your best headsets this year, you must understand and take with you at least two variables; what you want and what you have.

You want good quality headphone but have a water-tight budget that won’t allow you to spend a dime above $100 despite being the most respected gamer in your hood.

That’s one perspective to use while deciding the kind of headsets to settle for; retaining the good name versus the language your pocket speaks.

Another perspective; you want to immerse yourself in Saints Row without attracting your Dad’s attention to Johnny Gat’s colorful language. If you’ve never had to rethink what to use before, take this as a warning.

With an overflowing pool of variety to choose from, we don’t want you to waste your time, money or mess up your relationships in the name of indulging in your favorite game.

To save you the agony, we have sampled a wide variety of headsets, analyzed them, and rated them according to price, quality, and comfort just in case you have to take off your ear pins before the game begins.

But before we let you in on our list of best gaming headsets, you need to know about there two classes.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

  • Designed for gaming
  • Best mic performance
  • Studio quality voice clarity
  •  Background noise cancellation
  • 24 hour battery life 

HyperX Cloud Flight

by HyperX

  • Gaming grade 2.4GHz wireless connection, with upto 30 hours of battery life
  • Durable, adjustable steel slider
  • PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro ready

Wired vs. Wireless Headsets; Which Way To Go?

While there are many aspects to consider, how far you can move from the source of audio signal and possibility of delay between the video and audio signal; latency, in your game are of great concern.

Both determine the feel of the game; it’s the duty of your headsets to deliver that goosebumps generating experience as you take your game’s center stage.

Sound quality also applies, but if the first two aspects aren’t well addressed, you won’t notice the difference between the audio signals from wired and wireless at all.

Wired headsets relay the audio signal to the ear cups through an audio cable connected to the source through a jack.

Wireless headphones, on the other hand, don’t have this cable. They are either Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi enabled to deliver the audio signal to the rest.

While wireless ones give you the freedom to listen to your music from a gadget that’s on average 33 feet away, the wired sets depend on the audio cable length.

Ordinary wired ones have about 2 feet long audio cables while those of some studio are about 10 feet long.

If you have to move around your gaming room as you play, the wireless one would give you adequate freedom to play, dance and do all sorts of gimmicks.

With the wired set, you could end up entangled in the spaghetti mess.

Where latency is concerned, the audio cable keeps wired headphone ahead of the game over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled wireless counterparts.

They provide lag-less audio playback eliminating any possible delay between the audio output and video.

With wireless, chances of getting a delayed audio signal are high; something to watch out for a while buying your wireless set.
But that’s just the beginning of your vetting process.

34 Best Gaming Headsets For 2022

Before you settle for this list will furnish you with various aspects to consider; price being of great importance. Dig in!

Top 2 Headsets Costing Above $200

If you are attracted to pricey gadgets in the name of top quality, the list here is competitively short and sweet.

Arctis Pro Wireless - SteelSeries

Freedom of choice delivered without compromise
Arctis Pro Wireless promises freedom and delivers it in three different levels.

First, it employs 2.4 GHz lossless wireless audio for gaming and Bluetooth connectivity to use with your mobile devices. Both can work at the same time.

Second, the wireless transmitter allows you to observe up to 40 feet distance from your source, interference-free.

And finally, you are provided with two batteries allowing you to charge one while using the other.
If this doesn’t encourage you to take your game to a dance hall, nothing ever will.

But that’s not where the party stops; Arctis is built to deliver high-resolution audio through powerful speakers. With the ClearCast microphone, you can expect to deliver top quality voice while getting rid of all background noise.

Ending the game on a luxurious note, Arctis Pro Wireless headset comes with a lightweight steel headband for ultimate comfort and the beauty of gunmetal finish.

It’s intimately built for total immersion into the game for professional gamers like you.

Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Your lazy binge watching companion
If you find pausing your game to look for your ringing mobile phone annoying, Dolby has the cure.

It is fitted with a One-Touch Switching system with 3 source buttons to help you pair 3 different Bluetooth-enabled gadgets; your TV, Mobile phone and tablet, all waiting for your instructions to communicate.

Dolby also gives you the power to silence the outside world as you enjoy the cinematic sound with virtualization through active noise cancellation or let it a little noise from outside in case you need to keep one ear on the doorbell.

The foam cushioning on the ear cup and padded headband ensures hours of comfort as you face Shu in Fortnite Battle Royale; no need to take off your ear pins.

All these goodies and the fact that Dolby is wireless explains why it costs over $500.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

Unchallengeable Wireless connectivity

When every other manufacturer stalls at 2.4 GHz, Astro A50 operates on a less-crowded 5 GHz Wireless connectivity assuring you of almost zero latency.

You are sure of staying in sync with your game whether you are on Xbox, PS4 or PC.

The headphone’s surround sound guarantees you of filmic, 3-D audio experience with the ability to quickly recharge every time you take a break. Place it on its actual base and charging begins.

Equipped with a flexible microphone, Astro A50 kicks noise out of your conversations to allow clarity of voice when you chat with your fellow gamers on the other side of life.

Should you change your mind about being nice to them, flip the mic to mute and whip them to absolute surrender.

Top 9 Headphones for Under $200

Just because you aren’t a heavy spender like your fellow gamers above doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get quality product.

Spending $200 deserves a lot of respect. Here are a few that will complete your gaming set.

COWIN E8 (Upgraded) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Superior Sound Quality, with or without the wire

Though COWIN E8 comes with a detachable audio cable, using the headphones on wireless mode never compromises sound quality.

The Active Noise Cancellation technology kicks in to deliver clarity when playing your game or answering your mobile phone over the built-in microphone.

You are assured of a full day focus on your game without the need to recharge; 20-hour playtime and up to 3 hours for recharging when need be.

With soft ear cushions, you are free to game throughout the weekend without burdening your ears.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS

24 hours of power and extreme clarity

If you are one of those gamers who long to eavesdrop on the game’s characters; you hate to miss the vibe in the whispers, this one is yours to keep.

Its sound clarity gives you an upper hand against the enemy in every game. As if that’s not enough, its retractable ClearCast bidirectional microphone allows you to override surrounding noise to deliver studio-quality clarity on your voice.

Warn your enemies if you must and make it clear while you are at it.
Arctis 7 assures you of the longest gaming sessions with 24 hours of battery life – no game is too long for you.

Its AirWeave ear cushions keep your ears cool and dry while Ski Google suspension band contours across your head effortlessly to prepare you to own every throne in your gaming world.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

  • ComforTec Fit System Revolutionary adjustment system for truly personalized comfort
  • Speaker frequency response 12 hertz to 22 kilohertz, Speaker size 50 millimeters nanoclear speakers
  • TruSpeak Technology Professional grade microphone
  • 50 millimeter Nanoclear Speakers
  • Free Kitchen

SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset

  • Exclusive ClearCast mic delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
  • X 71 surround sound on PC (stereo audio available on Mac, PS4, Xbox One, VR, Switch, and Mobile)
  • Arctis headsets feature athletics-inspired performance fabric AirWeave ear cushions.
  • Arctis headsets won the Red Dot Product Design award

Pro Gaming Headphone with Mic

One size fits all is a fair game

Pro Headset comes wired and armed with the ability to work across the board; on Xbox One, PS4, Mobile and PC.

You will never need another set of one just because your game works on a different device.

Its fitting goes to a whole new level as it comes enhanced with the ability to self-adjust and fit every head size; from kids to adults.

This doesn’t compromise the headband as it is reinforced with a durable metal frame.

Pro Gaming headset uses a strong braided audio cable and a detachable crystal clear microphone; you have the right to remain silent and play.

It also guarantees you to hear your enemy’s every move, including their clothes’ rustle through the sharp 3-D High Definition surround sound.

ROCCAT Khan AIMO – Hi-Res 7.1 Surround

Delivering audio magnificence

Unlike its competitors, ROCCAT Khan doesn’t solely depend on your device’s sound card; it comes fitted with high-fidelity 24-bit 96 KHz DAC sound card with no noise interference.

You will never have to worry about sound quality; it reaches you in the exact quality the game developer desired.

The wired headset scores high on comfort; with a low weight only 275 grams, fitted with adjustable stainless steel sliders to fit every head size.

It also has memory foam ear pads to protect your ears from fatigue when you need to play all weekend long.

The AIMO illumination aspect reacts according to your gaming behavior by lighting up your room with four different colors using its four LEDs.

You can customize it to show up to 16.8M colors to enhance your experience.

ASUS ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Headset

Unparalleled freedom and flexibility

Gaming shouldn’t keep you tethered behind a desk or stuck in your pro gaming chair all day.

You have the right to celebrate every time you kick the bad guy’s behind; do a few backflips, run to the kitchen to refill your coffee mug and climax with the Gangnam style around the house.

That’s only possible if you own ASUS ROG Strix Fusion.

With its 65 feet coverage, you are sure of moving around your throne without losing signal or experiencing sound latency due to poor connectivity.

You also have at least 15 hours of intensive gaming without a hint of a power outage.

The ASUS headset has intuitive touch control; you swipe your finger up or down the back of the ear cup to change volume, left or right to change track or single tap to pause or play.

Its retractable microphone allows you to mute it by flipping or folding it back to its rest position.

No further settings needed.
Its unique ear cushions have an ergonomic oval shape and are made from protein leather and fabric mesh for guaranteed comfort and noise cancellation.

ASUS provides a free set of 100% protein leather ear cushions for every package you purchase; one company that support healthy addictions.

LucidSound LS41 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headphone

Delivering exceptional performance

If you have to win the battle, you must equip yourself with the right armor; LucidSound LS41 wireless headphone is your right fit.

With its large 50mm speakers you can expect to remain immersed in the game for hours.

If you are on PS4, PC or Xbox One, you hear your enemy coming from miles away before they can smell your presence courtesy of the full 7.1 surround sound.

Not to mention, the lag-free wireless technology doesn’t allow a single second of delay.

Should it take long to send the Kingpin and Gang to their maker, don’t sweat it; the in-built rechargeable battery holds the fort for over 20 hours.

Let your ears enjoy the comfort of the roomy over-ear designed oval ear cups made from breathable fabric; interesting games don’t end so fast.

Don’t be afraid to tell your gaming partner off; with the advanced dual microphone system, every threat you utter gets to the other end as it should, emotions included.

While you are at it, use the built-in mic monitoring to hear if your threats sound real; you don’t want to sound sweet to the enemy.

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

Unswerving wireless headsets forsworn gamers

HyperX understands the fact that we are all gamers, that’s why they built this particular product to help you upgrade to the ultimate diehard and hopefully unretire Fatal1ty!

The HyperX Cloud Flight lasts up to 30 hours in battery life when used with the LED mode off and 18 hours on breathing effect.

Should you want to take a coffee break, slide the headphones off your head to sit on your neck and rotate the ear cups.

But upon resuming access the controls on the ear cups to mute the mic, raise the volume to 50% and power on the cups.

You could also turn off the LED to reserve power.
The headphones are built for rigorous gaming and meant for daily use. That explains the adjustable steel slider headband.

Don’t hold back from detaching the microphone when you no longer need to use it.

LucidSound LS31

Tailored to make gaming easy
A great headset manufacturer understands that when the game starts, the last thing you need as a gamer is to get lost in the maze of controls. LucidSound understands that very well.

The LS31 has the game volume and game audio mute on the left ear cup, while the chat volume and mic mute remains on the right.

That makes it easy for you to easily access the controls without slowing you down during the game.

It comes with a removable built microphone with mic monitoring to allow you to know how loud you are when you talk to your teammates.

It’s lightweight construction, soft yet unbreakable, built for intense gamers.

Top 8 Best Gaming Headphones for Under $100

The current economy is such that, there is always something nice for everyone.
We have examined various products and come up with the eight best headsets going for less than a hundred bucks.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament  Headset

Ushering you to the world of ESport athletes and diehard gamers
If you have to keep your glasses on while chasing the bad guys, you might not find most of the headsets comfortable.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro watched, listened then made a little groove on the item make sure you don’t have to give up your glasses to stay in the team.

What a relief!
But that’s not the end of the game; Elite Pro is fitted with high-quality 50mm Nanoclear speakers and professional microphone that uses TruSpeak technology to ensure you are heard loud and clear.

To keep you comfortable throughout the game, the ear cups are fitted with innovatory material to lock out external sounds while keeping your ears pressure free, dry and cool courtesy of the cooling cloth padding on the inside of the ear cups.

The outside is made of durable leather.
It has a headband made with the adjustable fit system to give your head maximum support throughout the game.

You will find it difficult to ignore all this plus the 2-year Elite warranty.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Top quality bundled in durability

Many headsets focus on providing you with quality sound to give you the competitive advantage of one enemy or nearby noises, but with HyperX Cloud Revolver S, it delivers studio-grade sound to help you hear further.

You have the power to hear when more than one enemy is approaching the battlefield and still tell them apart.

Fitted with a solid-steel frame, Cloud Revolver S distributes the pressure evenly across your head on the band area to give you total comfort.

This headset is built to last; to ensure that you won’t have to buy a new headset any time soon.

Related model: HyperX Cloud 2

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition: THX Spatial Audio

Cleverly designed for veterans
Do you love brightly colored missiles? Here is your weapon of mass destruction.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is built to give you the power to unleash your predacious instincts.

From the choice of color; hot green or raven, to its ability to transport you right where an action is taking place, Razer is optimized for popular and evolving sounds to meet the needs of a wide variety of games.

Even from the middle of the battlefield, you can hear the slightest movement.

With the THX Spatial Audio, Razer lays in your hands five levels of ultimate power control; volume, mic muting and toggle between spatial audio on and off.

The other two; bass control with up to 17 adjustable levels and the game/chat balance to give you the perfect mix between what’s going on in the game and the audio chat with your team.

You will never miss a word your teammate says during the game.
To keep you playing for longer,
Razer headsets come with cooling gel-infused ergonomic ear cushions to make sure your ears don’t get hot and sweaty.

Its headband is built with lightweight aluminum frame for longevity and is heavily padded to prevent pressure build-up on your head.

SteelSeries Arctis 5RGB Illuminated

Athletic-inspired to deliver quality sound and comfort
SteelSeries Arctis has 7.1 Surround Sound to deliver immersive sound wherever you choose to play; on Nintendo Switch, VR, Mobile, PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

To achieve top quality sound, use S1 audio drivers to give you thoroughly balanced soundscape while knocking out distortion.

It features ClearCast microphone that uses one of a kind bidirectional design to deliver crispy clear voice commands without picking noise from your surroundings.

But Arctis understands that good quality is incomplete if the gamer doesn’t feel comfortable when he wears it.

It uses Ski Google headband made to fit all head sizes and through the adjustable elastic fabric, adopts to the curve of your head to remove all pressure points.

It also uses soft AirWeave ear cushions to keep your ears cool, dry and comfortable through hours of intense gaming.

T.FLIGHT U.S. AIR Force Edition Headset

Inspired by real headsets worn by pilots

You may not have been to a plane but when the U.S. Air Force licenses a headset, know it is of admirable quality.

The power of association can’t be taken for granted.

The T.Flight U.S Air Force edition features first-class audio expertise. It has high-quality unidirectional noise-canceling microphone that is detachable and adjustable to accommodate any face shape.

You will enjoy a flawless balance between bass, mid-range and treble frequencies taking your gaming experience to a whole new level.

With large memory foam ear cushions reinforced with a layer of gel, your ears remain cool throughout long tedious games.

Its headband brings about the feel of comfort, class and guaranteed durability by combining imitation leather cushions and polyketone structure.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset 

Built with advanced technology for winning gamers

As the first Logitech G to be referred to as PRO, its drivers enable you to hear loud and soft sounds with ultimate precision as well as convey booming bass clearly.

It embraces the surround sound audio to heighten the thrill and immerse you into the virtual world without compromise.

With advanced condenser microphone, unnecessary noises in your background are filtered out allowing you to communicate with clarity.

It is lightweight; 259 grams without the audio cable, yet incredibly strong and suitable for competitive gaming.

Besides the premium leatherette ear pads, Logitech rewards you with a free set of soft microsuede ear pads to keep you stronger for longer!

CORSAIR HS70 Wireless – 7.1 Surround Sound

Created for comfort, built for battle

How long you last in the battle depends on a number of things; top of the list is the kind of headset you’ve armed yourself with.

CORSAIR HS70 eliminates chances of delays to bare minimum while allowing you to hover around your gaming throne up to 40 feet away from your source.

You are assured of 16 hours of uninterrupted gaming time packed with superior surround sound ensuring that you are fully immersed in the gaming universe.

With the CORSAIR iCUE software, you take control of custom audio equalizer settings, virtual surround audio and sidetone control.

For volume and mute controls, use the on-ear features on your headset.

You are guaranteed of exceptional comfort courtesy of plush memory foam & adjustable ear cups.

If you want to fly light, yank off the microphone and concentrate on smoking out your enemy. This game is yours to win!


Designed to last forever

After intense gaming with the Void PRO, there’ll be only one question in mind,
“How did CORSAIR manage to charge less than $100 for this weapon?”

CORSAIR Void PRO is built with metal structural components and glass fiber infused plastic for legendary robustness; a design meant to serve you all your gaming life.

It delivers all-day comfort through the memory foam and microfiber mesh fabric that assures you keeping your ears cool and dry.

It also promises unmatched wireless performance; low-latency 2.4GHz audio with 40 feet coverage for up to 16 hours of gaming without ever needing to recharge the battery.

When conditions are demanding, its antenna enhances coverage giving you top-of-the-world performance.

With genuine Dolby 7.1 surround sound headphones, you are in for an undeniable immersive experience, bringing the whole action to life.

Void PRO Employs new noise canceling unidirectional microphone with LED mute indicator whose clarity is so good that it has been Discord Certified.

This mic isn’t in the business of picking unnecessary signals around you no matter where your game is.

COWIN E7 PRO Headphone

Built for adventure

Every headphone built with comfort, freedom and hours of play in mind, calls you to indulge in the adventure.

That’s the idea behind Cowin E7 PRO headphone.
The over-ear feature gives you momentous noise reduction whether you choose to play in a noisy hall, busy office or at the train station.

It shuts the noisy world out, allows you to enter peace and quiet as it ushers you into the serene, pine-scented rolling fields of Mulgore then pours out powerful sound to let you know you are in the World of Warcraft.

Sound quality is never compromised whether you choose to stay wired or wireless.

The protein ear cushions guarantee you of pillow-like softness to keep your ears comfortable as you indulge in 30-hour
uninterrupted playtime.

Thanks to the built-in 800mAh battery, you only need to charge it for 4 hours for such a experience.

Wisdom calls for you to take a pee break every 2 hours to ensure maximum enjoyment of every game and lower chances of addiction.

The high-quality built-in microphone ensures that your team hears each one of your comments with clarity. You won’t need to repeat a word you utter.

Besides COWIN E7 PRO’s availability in 7 enticing colors and 18 months warranty, the powerful Bluetooth function enables you to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled devices to make your gaming adventure whole.

Best 14 Budget Headphones for Gaming

SteelSeries Arctis 3

  • Comfort and style on all gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox One
  • Widely recognized as the best mic in Gaming
  • Sound is your competitive advantage with the S1 speaker drivers
  • Fully compatible with native surround sound built into Windows 10 pcs and Xbox one consoles; Headphone Sensitivity: 98 db

RUNMUS Gaming Headset


  • PUBG or CS:GO, wearing a professional gaming headset does matter.
  • RUNMUS PS4 headset offers an incredibly surround sound for both games and music.
  • Specific instruction in the user’s instruction book.
  • This gaming headphone is compatible with multiple platforms.
  • the USB socket of our product is only for lightening, not for audio.

So what you have less than 50 bucks to spend?

Every devoted gamer deserves good headphones, and we are here to make sure you find one that you will love, use and never feel abused.

Be excellent Gaming Headset

Comfort at a fair price

Be excellent headset gives you unmatched 360 degrees stereo surround sound with extreme clarity keeping you alert and aware of your enemy’s exact location.

It allows you to control the volume through the rotary volume controller found on the anti-winding braided USB cable for a thrilling experience.

It has a retractable high-quality noise-canceling mic to allow you to share notes with your teammates clearly.

Though low priced, Be excellent embraces ergonomics and is built with durable material to deliver definitive comfort.

It’s light in weight to ensure you almost don’t feel its weight and is backed up with 18 months warranty.

Modohe NUBWO

Non-compromising entry-level headset

If you are a beginner in the world of gamers, it will welcome you to the virtual world with comfort, dependability, and expediency whether you are buying it for yourself or a young gamer you are fond of.

Modohe NUBWO uses high power magnets to surprise you with impressive bass.

It is equipped with a fine rotatable microphone to capture your voice clearly while ignoring unwanted background signals.

The speakers and microphone controls sit on the cable for easy access. It presents a skin-friendly leather ear muffs and adjustable headband to suite everyone in your house without compromise.

Madohe allows broad compatibility so you won’t have to turn down any gaming invitation in your neighborhood.

presents a skin-friendly leather ear muffs and adjustable headband to suite everyone in your house without compromise.

Madohe allows broad compatibility so you won’t have to turn down any invitation in your neighborhood.


Flexing as you game

RUNMUS Stereo headset demonstrates flexibility right from the microphone all the way to the headband.

Honoring the rules of ergonomics, the headband flexes in such a way to wrap over your head in a soft embrace making sure you won’t feel its presence.

Its adjustable anti-static microphone delivers uncompromised clarity as you discuss new strategies during the game with your mates.

You are assured of long-term comfort as you play for long sessions courtesy of bionic protein ear pad that covers your ears completely giving you an enthralling experience as you play your favorite game.

As for beauty, RUNMUS announces its presence with a fantastic blue LED as you enter the gaming world.
If you must stay humble, turn it off by muting the microphone.

Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones – OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo

Wired just for gaming

You could use OneOdio for calling if you fancy having wireless headphones, but right now our focus is to get you the best gaming headphones.

OneOdio is built to give you exquisite well-balanced sound; dominant bass, pure vocal and crisp high tones making your presence in the game feel real.

Its unidirectional noise-canceling gold-plated detachable microphone allows you to be heard with enriched clarity.

The Bluetooth option allows you to make calls up to 30 hours long without growing weak.

Should you need to play as you commute, take advantage of its space-saving ability; the ear cups fold about 90 degrees inwards like a fetus allowing you to put it in the stylish carry pouch provided during purchase.

Its large, soft, almost-leather ear pads lay over your ears with calm comfort enabling you to hear all sounds in your game with distinction.

Despite costing less than $50, OneOdio isn’t with you for a one night stand; it gives you an impressive 18 months warranty.

BENGOO Stereo For Gaming

Elegant gaming fest companion

BENGOO Stereo headset makes every battle game feel real.
Its stereo surround subwoofer delivers perfect sound quality turning the virtual world real for a sumptuous experience.

The 120 degrees adjustable microphone picks your voice with clarity without letting in background noises.

Should you want to mute it, use the switch on the in-line volume controller; the volume wheel sits next to it.

It sits comfortably on your head regardless of the size of your head courtesy of the flexible headband. It’s also equipped with soft memory protein earmuffs.

BENGOO understands you are a gamer who loves indulging in a variety of games hence its multi-platform compatibility.

PHOINIKAS H9 Wired Stereo

Uniquely clear

Something about PHOINIKAS H9 microphone spells out excellence. It’s long, omnidirectional and picks your voice with clarity while ignoring all background noises.

It can also be adjusted to various angles as per your taste. You are assured of never having to repeat a word to your opponent.

It gives you accurate stereo surround game sound via its 50mm neodymium magnet drivers enabling you to capture easy-to-miss game sound effects.

The memory-protein ear cushions deliver unequaled coziness to allow you to enjoy the sound and your game at large.

Despite weighing 350 grams, the scalable headband feels comfortable to wear encouraging you to keep playing for long hours.
Its LED light adds the much-needed tease to your gaming environment.


Enticing you to keep playing

Even when you don’t feel like it, VersionTECH headset has that look that woos you to return to the virtual world.

It comes with RGB breathing backlights that change automatically making the gaming atmosphere enormously enticing.

The camouflage print on it adds to the feel.
As for comfort, VersionTECH understands that true gamer like it long; the headband is adjustable to fit gamers of all ages and head sizes.

It comes with multiple paddings. The earmuffs are intimately soft and skin-friendly.

It delivers 3D surround sound making the highs clear and the bass-rich while ensuring you receive them in great details.

EKSA Stereo Gaming Headset

High-end headset at a super low price

This product leaves you wondering whether the manufacturer made a mistake while pricing it. Everything about it says, high-end and nothing less.

Its sensitive omnidirectional microphone collects your voice with clarity, it’s retractable, and rotates up and out of the way.

It’s probably the easiest mic your will ever install. To mute it, use the on-cable sound control. Next to it is the volume adjustment wheel.

EKSA stereo is able to capture your game characters’ light footsteps and even hint you on the direction they are coming from.

You will be able to hear the full effects of every blast, shriek or echo-trapped laughter courtesy of the built-in 50mm magnetic neodymium drivers.

Its headband is ergonomically shaped and adjustable and is backed up by a soft head cushion that allows you to keep it on for long hours.

Its earmuffs cover your ear completely, locking out all interruptions while giving you one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

The LED lights on the ear cups light up to create the winning ambiance in your gaming throne.

It allows you to connect to various controllers with ease, but you will need to buy a Microsoft Adapter for your neighbor’s old Xbox One.

To prove that they believe in their product, EKSA backs up the headset with a 24-month warranty.

V5000 Headset

Simplifying the gaming world
V500 headset makes the entire gaming experience sweet and simple. It is designed to deliver 360-degree stereo sound, transporting you right into the game.

The over-ear gaming ear muffs ensure that outside noises are locked out of the moment.

Its microphone is springy, adjusting to a comfortable 360 degrees with ease for extra smooth interactions with your game mates.

Despite weighing close to 450 grams, the V500 sits lightly on your head courtesy of its self-adjusting head beam design. This makes it flexible enough to accommodate various head sizes.

As for compatibility, V500 allows you to use it with your smartphone, Mac, PC, Laptop, PS4, and new Xbox.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 (2019 Edition) All-Platform

Combined power for avid gamers

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful headset to allow you to play across all platforms for hours without end, end your search now and take this one home tonight.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 combines ClearCast noise canceling microphone for clarity when you talk, unique soundscape with emphasis on the most important sounds in the combat zone and the comfort of AirWeave ear cushions to make your gaming experience worth every minute.

To make your day complete, it is a lightweight design built with strong material for longevity.

AmazonBasics Pro

Affordable, simple yet classy

AmazonBasics Pro allows you to enter the virtual universe with confidence by equipping you with a retractable uni-directional microphone that locks out all background noise and state of the art headphones that delivers exceptional sound throughout the game.

Note, the headset embraces 2-way communication in every platform you desire to use.

It also comes with comfy memory foam ear pads to allow you to play till all your enemies are wiped out.

ASUS Strix Pro

Takes you everywhere you want to go

Packing headset means leaving ample space in your backpack, but that’s not the case with ASUS Strix Pro.

It’s a travel-friendly foldable design meant to occupy a small portion of your bag especially when you don’t want to carry its packaging box.

Lay the ear cups flat and detach the microphone; this is your ideal companion to every gaming party.

Strix Pro’s USB-powered control box has a built-in microphone meant to detect and block at least 90% of noises coming from your surrounding; keyboard clicks and mobile phone buzz included.

It keeps your team focused on the game.
For added benefits, this headset connects with PC/MAC, PS4, Smartphone and Tablet to make sure you don’t miss out on any game.

BENGOO K8 Headset

Delivering new details to life in the gaming world

BENGOO K8 isn’t your ordinary one, quite a bit of innovation have gone in to make it a winning headset.

The use of Oxygen-free copper wire for sound delivery allows for increased audio clarity and provides concrete punchy bass.

Its omnidirectional microphone with noise canceling ability allows you to move it about through 160 degrees; quite flexible for a gamer.

The in-line controller gives you the power to control volume and turn off the microphone when you no longer need to speak to your team.

This headset is a one-size fit all with a comfortable headband and ear cups that keep your ears happy throughout the game.


The ultimate do-it-all headset

Besides having multi-platform compatibility, you will love the CORSAIR HS50 stereo for its polished quality, stylish looks, and great value.

With the custom-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers, HS50 locks out the world to bring your legendary sound quality, leaving your hair standing on ends with excitement.

Its cozy on-ear cups swivel in and out to meet the needs of the shape of your head even if you wear glasses.

It also has both the volume adjustment and mute controls on the ear cup for swift access.

The HS50 provides you with a high sensitive unidirectional microphone that you can yank off when you no longer need to apologize for every colorful word you use while kicking the enemy’s behind.

The microphone and audio drivers are Discord Certified to give you lucid communication and impressive sound.

To close the deal, it is made of strong but light metal structural components for guaranteed longevity backed up with a 24-months warranty.

Wear this headset while playing your favorite game on your mobile phone at a park for ultimate publicity.

Choosing your Best Headset For Gaming

After furnishing you with this valuable information, the final choice lays with you. The fact of the matter is, besides price, you have to consider your personal preference in comfort.

This could mean color, the flexibility of the ear cups and headband, type of ear cushion or the general shape of the headset.

That’s on the outside, and unfortunately, new gamers tend to get stuck right there. You have to go to the upper-level decision making to make your experience worthy of your time.

The best headset, whether wired or wireless, must deliver amazing sound. It should make gaming a 6-D moment such that you would have to turn off all your gadgets to walk out of your game.

There’s not a time for playing while sitting on the edge of the battlefront. The experience must be immersive courtesy of great speakers, low latency, crystal clear microphone, and absolute noise cancellation.

If you find yourself trying to match what you hear with what’s on the screen or having to repeat what you said to your teammates, your headset doesn’t deserve you. Toss them out of your gaming throne and search for worthy headphones in this list.

The truth is, you will kiss many frogs before you find the best fit, this list makes it easier for you to choose the headset that will make your gaming life complete.

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