AKG N60 NC Wireless Review

At a glance

The AKG N60 headphone comes with an unassuming design yet a surprisingly high level of performance in regards to its noise cancellation capability and sound quality.

The headphone construction itself is nothing to balk at with its sturdy frame and heft. What's more enticing is that the AKG N60 wireless headphone drops in at a reasonably affordable price.

Learn more about the AKG N60 wireless headphones down
below with our in-depth review and find out if this headphone
will be able to satiate your audial appetite.

Main Features

32 ohms impedance.

10Hz to 22kHz frequency response.

Active noise-cancelling technology.

Up to 30 hours of battery life.

3D axis folding mechanism.


As noted earlier in this review, the AKG N60 has a pretty modest design. Nothing too flashy here in terms of aesthetics.

Construction material used is primarily durable plastic, and the overall look of the AKG N60 won't click with the 'fashionista' crowd.

However, its no-nonsense approach will appeal to a good chunk of consumers who simply want something practical and reliable when it comes to their headphones.

While wireless headphones are now the norm, looking for a wireless headphone that provides top-notch sound quality will require a bit more searching.

Add the ANC feature in there along with its Bluetooth capability, and you're genuinely narrowing down the options in terms of high-quality audio performing headphones.

Fortunately, the AKG N60 headphone is one such product that delivers the goods in spades.

The control scheme is quite easy to get the hang out of, as well. You get the standard power button, volume and track control neatly positioned over on the right ear cup.

The left ear cup holds the ports such as the USB and 3.5mm socket. While the Bluetooth feature allows for quick and hassle-free pairing thanks to the power slider button, this small tweak in its control layout is a welcome change.

You can easily avoid accidentally skipping a track when all you wanted was to increase or decrease the volume.

The AKG N60 is also surprisingly compact thanks to its 3D axis foldable design.

This is the type of wireless headphones that you can quickly put inside a jacket pocket or the larger compartments of your cargo shorts/pants.


In terms of comfort, the AKG N60 fairs quite well. However, I do feel that its relatively tight bands might cause some slight discomfort when worn over a long period.

The tight band provides stability, yes, but it can also result in that dreaded 'smushed' ear feel.

The soft leatherette wrapped ear pads can help mitigate the discomfort caused by the tight-fitting headband, but I don't see how it can completely counter the strain of prolonged wearing of this headphone.

The good news is that the band can be adjusted, keep in mind though that you might want to set it a bit extra loose if you are planning on wearing it during long flights.

Audio Quality

The AKG N60, albeit a wireless headphone, manages to deliver strikingly crisp sound while maintaining a hard-hitting bass.

It manages to provide excellent precision and balance that is not common in ANC wireless headphones within its price range, setting the AKG N60 on a league of its own.

The AKG N60's ability to find that sweet spot between midrange, treble, and bass will undoubtedly satisfy most audiophiles.

It can even handle and maintain accuracy with songs that feature a whole slew of instruments going off at the same time.

The AKG N60 manages to maintain a reliable performance that resonates with most song genres with little to no slip-ups.

We were also pleased to learn that the active noise cancellation technology won't affect the audio quality in any significant way.

The details rendered by this ANC wireless headphone merely is impressive on all levels.

AKG always had a pretty solid track record when it comes to their product's audio quality.

However, if you enjoy beats with an emphasis on heavy bass, the AKG N60 might fall short of your expectations.

AKG's goal is clearly in delivering a well-balanced wireless ANC headphone with the N60, and they hit the mark dead on here.

That being said, it can still drop that tasty bass but without it being too overwhelming. Think of the N60's approach with its audio performance as more of a team effort.

Every aspect of the audio gets their time in the spotlight without any noticeable preference for one particular element of the sound.

Even the extremely dense tracks manage to come off with the right level of clarity. Each instrument was distinct, even during the most complex segments of the track.

Now, as you know, performance between wired and wireless headphones can be as different as day and night.

It is natural to expect some level of audio precision dip when switching to wireless, how does the AKG N60 handle this issue? Quite well, in fact.

Switching between wired and wireless performance with the N60 was nigh seamless. We barely noticed any significant dip in audio quality whenever we opted for the wireless headphone route.

What's more, you can easily switch between the two on the fly. Plugin the 2.5mm jack into the headphones and you will notice the indicator light to change from blue to green. Just like that, the AKG N60 is now on wired mode.

As for switching to wireless mode, the headphone managed to pair with our device within a matter of seconds. Short enough to not take us out of our listening experience.

Notable Features

  • Let's start with the main feature of the N60, which is the active noise cancelling capability. Overall, we are thoroughly pleased with what the N60 offers in terms of its ANC feature.

    In regards to stifling out the low rumbling sound, the N60 passes with flying colors. However, higher pitch noise tends to sneak in a bit. Not a deal-breaker, but something you should take note of if you are planning on buying the AKG N60 wireless headphone.

  • We also noticed how the earpads do not form a complete seal on the ear. This can also affect the overall performance of the active noise cancellation feature. The ANC capability of the N60 is pretty solid.

    While some level of high-pitched noise frequency will tend to slip in, it is not distracting. The N60 can effectively block out 99% of ambient noise, making it an excellent wireless headphone when you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

  • Since this is a wireless headphone battery life will also be a critical factor in decision making. In this aspect, the AKG N60 clocks in a maximum of 30 hours on a single charge with moderate usage.

    It can easily last the duration of your average flight without needing to charge. 
  • The only complaint we have here is that the headphones do not provide users with any battery life indicator. It will only notify you once the battery hits below the 10% mark, by that time, you will need to plug it in asap.

  • The 3D axis foldable mechanism is also another noteworthy feature that helps turn this decently sized wireless headphone into a surprisingly compact form that can even fit inside your standard jacket pocket.

    As an on-ear headphone, the AKG N60 is undoubted quite an impressive beast, especially when you take into account its affordable price tag.
  • Pros

    • Extremely well-balanced audio quality.
    • The substantial battery life of up to 30 hours on a single full charge.
    • The excellent folding design significantly boosts its portability with an extremely compact form.
    • Decent and reasonable price tag.
    • Excellent active noise cancellation capability.


    • The on-ear cups don't form a complete seal, negatively affecting the overall ANC performance.
    • The noise cancellation won't be able to block high-pitched noise frequency completely.
    • There is the occasional low hiss when using the active noise cancellation feature.
    • Comfort falls short with the lack of padding on the headband and extra tight fit of the ear cups.

    The Final Verdict

    Despite its pretty basic appearance, the AKG N60 NC headphone delivers a level of performance that far exceeds your initial expectations. 

    This is a well-built wireless ANC headphone with superb battery life and top-notch balanced sound quality. It also sits at a comfortably more affordable price tag than most of its competitors which is certainly an edge.

    The on-ear pads and headbands seem to be too tight for comfort, though. We don't think you can comfortably wear this throughout a seven-hour flight without a few breaks. 

    The ear pads also don't provide a perfect seal around your ears, which can lead to some noise leakage from both inside and outside the headphone.

    Overall, the AKG N60 NC is a well-built wireless headphone that manages to clock in a well-balanced sound quality performance. 

    An excellent battery life supplemented by a well-rounded audio performance cap off the AKG N60 NC's grade of A-. 

    If you are looking for a dependable and affordable wireless ANC headphone, you can check out what AKG has to offer in this arena.

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