Arctis Pro Wireless Review – Steelseries Top Headset

Have you ever tried the SteelSeries - Arctis Pro before? Well, this is the top gaming accessorily every gamer is talking about of late.

The high-end headphone is a complete system which not only delivers nuanced sound but provides you with lots of audio selections. With it, you don’t have to install sophisticated software to achieve better audio quality or particular convenience.

SteelSeries - Arctis Pro is an exceptional model which comes with super operative features that would make your gaming experience such memorable.

It is an improvement of the SteelSeries Siberia 840 whose transmitter’s base stung was not as convenient. Its audio performance also wasn’t anything better than that of the current SteelSeries.

This highly phenomenal gaming headset is a no less performer in any environment. You can either use it for gaming or something else related to cause.

Its sleek aesthetic design leaves nothing of convenience attached to it. You can receive calls with it, go round jogging with it, watch movies and do much more – it all feel ultimately comfortable even for longer hours.

Let’s find out more details about it in the following review.


The SteelSeries – Arctis is a sleek aesthetic design device which comes with supper functioning features. It comes with a black plastic chassis of medium-size and lightweight design when you look at it.

It bears a professional finish with no any sharp edges and large, lavish ear cups which gently presses down over your ears. The entire feeling of putting them on is such amazingly awesome.

This model generally bears a simple but pretty design. More of its futuristic design includes its highly effective mic extension attached to its left ear cup. The mic comes with quality adjustable features, including volume wheel and mute button for easy adjustments.

Additionally, this product offers a variety of usable ports for both audio and charging cables. It has its hot-swappable battery housed in its right ear cup which therefore balances the weight on the other side.


The SteelSeries – Arctis mainly connects via its transmitter which comes with a variety of connecting ports. The original design of it was for the connection of PS4s and PC.

With either of these connections, the system still produces high-quality sounds of 7.1 surround. It eliminates the surrounding sounds and draws all your attention to the onscreen sounds.

Compared to the rest of the Arctis, this model stands out as the very best performer when it comes to the production of quality sounds. Through its transmitter, you can conveniently equalize your sound preferences to find your best.

Hence, if you will be watching a movie with it, expect to experience and to enjoy all the oomph you see on the screen as of explosions.

Key Features and Specifications

Transmitter Box: Here is where all other unique features of the SteelSeries – Arctis Pro live. It is through this box that you can alter the chat mix and equalization profiles, manage sidetone, control volume, toggle surround sound, switch inputs, and much more.

Despite having a small view space for its OLED, the transmitter offers excellent convenience and quality performance.

Dual-Wireless technology: Its Dual-Wireless Technology offers rock-solid, 2.4G wireless secure audio for all gaming activities and combines with Bluetooth connectivity compatible with mobile devices.

Premium Hi-Res speakers: Its speakers features high-density neodymium magnets which produce full, extensive frequency range, 10 – 40,000 Hz which offers stunning clarity and realism.

Sleek, Luxurious design: It is lightweight and highly durable from its aluminum and steel alloy construction.

Swappable batteries: You can exchange the SteelSeries – its battery in any of its base stations and still use the other. When full on a single charge, it takes at least 10 hours of gaming.

Frequently Asked And Answered Questions

  • What is SteelSeries - Arctis Pro?
    It is one of the most potent, convenient, and fully functional gaming headsets. It also comes with sound equalization systems and features plus a mic to add on its pleasurable usage.
  • How compatible is SteelSeries Arctis?
    More compatible than you can imagine. It connects effectively to most PCs and PS4s games. All you have to focus on is the correct connection involving relevant cables. Other than just gaming, through Bluetooth, you can have it connected to your phone. Thus you can comfortably listen to your podcasts and receive calls.
  • How long is its battery life?
    The batteries involved in this headset are quite powerful and runs not less than 10 hours on a single charge. It, however, comes with two batteries rechargeable by its transmitter device. Otherwise, you can still recharge them via a USB port while they are in use.
  • Can I use this headset for watching movies?
    Yes. It is one model which eliminates the surrounding sounds and makes you perceive all the oomph in the movies. It will completely withdraw any destructive sounds and makes you only focus on that from your film.
  • Where can I buy an original model?
    Arctis is available both at local shops and also online. Only you need to find a reliable and legit supplier.
  • Buying advice

    The SteelSeries - This device is a relatively expensive device; hence buying an original model is quite essential. They are always durable and highly effective. It is only from reliable suppliers that you can get such quality models.

    When placing an online order, be keen to look at all its features and specifications to ensure you are buying the correct item. Also, only buy from top-rated shops with excellent reviews.


    The bottom line here is that if you need highly robust, intuitive and versatile audio for PC and PS4 games, look no further from the SteelSeries. It is one headset coming hardware-based equalization system for perfection in sound production.

    It is such a highly effective model for not only gaming but watching movies, making video and voice calls, transcription, and many other related things. It is only the original models of it that will serve you as you expect and therefore you need to be sure of them before buying.

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