Are Gaming Headsets Worth it? Do they Make any Difference?

In the gaming world, you’ll need to be fully immersed in the game to ensure maximum enjoyment.

With top-notch PCs, consoles, audio equipment, and other gaming essentials, you’re bound to enjoy better graphics, unrivaled sound quality, not to mention incredible control peripherals.

Besides the visuals, having the perfect audio is just as important. The combination of impressive visuals and high-quality sound quality takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Any programmer will tell you that using a high-quality gaming headset is the real game-changer compared to using regular headsets.

While setting up loudspeakers may give you that adrenaline rush when there is firing of guns and explosives, sometimes it’s just impossible to use them at night because your family and neighbors may not appreciate the excessive noises.

A good pair of gaming headsets provide the greatest convenience while offering amazing audio for your gaming needs.

Overall, gaming headsets do make a huge difference and are well worth it.

In this article, we explain why gaming headsets are better in terms of performance and convenience compared to regular headphones.

The Benefits of Gaming Headsets- Are they Worth it?

Here are the benefits of using gaming headsets instead of regular headphones.

1.  Gaming Headsets Filter Sound Directly into Your Ears

Gaming headsets filter sound directly into your ears. This allows you to hear much more clearly and in detail while allowing you to focus more on the gaming sounds.

While speakers make excellent output audio for gaming, you won’t enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience since sound is not delivered to your ears like it is with headsets.

When you compare speakers and headsets in terms of sound filtering, headsets do a much better job.

Also, with speakers, you won’t just be hearing sounds from your game- you’ll also experience interference from other external noises.

This makes it almost impossible to monitor the direction from which your enemies are coming from.

All this is due to the fact that most headsets now come with noise-cancellation and noise isolation features.

So be sure to check whether the headsets you’re purchasing have these important features.

Speakers are also unable to provide accuracy of the sound, like footstep noise which is critical in games like Over watch.

Additionally, headsets are less disruptive to those surrounding you. For example, your household won’t appreciate all those rough gaming noises coming out of your room, especially during the night.

Another advantage of using headsets over speakers is that you can use them for other stuff like making conversations with your teammates while playing games.

So even if you own a cool set of headphones, it will never offer the kind of convenience and performance during gaming like headsets.

2.  Gaming Headsets Offer Better Sound Quality

Another feature that sets gaming headsets apart from regular headphones is their sound quality.

Gaming headsets provide sounds that are more superior and crisp clear. They also offer a richer, deeper, and more accurate bass.

By providing a clear detailed sound, you’re able to hear everything going on, like the foot noise of your enemy, thus allowing you to identify from which direction they are going to attack.

While playing games like Over watch or CS: GO, you can clearly hear other sounds like the type of gun your enemies are using, the enemy reloading their machine guns, the enemy closing in, and so much more.

This is something you won’t experience with normal headphones or speakers. As a gamer, you clearly have a better advantage when using headsets as far as sound quality is concerned.

But of course, the sound quality differs from one model to another.

Like any other gaming peripherals, gaming headsets are available in different qualities, prices, and performances.

High-quality gaming headsets will provide better sounds, but they come with a hefty price tag. It’s not unusual to see high-end headsets going for up to $200 or more.

The good news is that it’s still possible to find high-quality pieces at affordable prices. There are models that go for less than $100.

3.  Gaming Headsets Come with Microphones

Another feature that sets gaming headsets apart from regular headphones is the built-in microphone. You won’t see regular music headphones with microphones.

When playing a team-oriented video game like Overwatch, you are required to constantly communicate with your teammates or gaming buddies.

Why is that? Because teamwork will ensure maximum cooperation to increase your chances of winning the game.

Communicating with your teammates also means you get to warn each other about the enemy’s location so they can watch out.

Gaming headsets are also quite flexible. This means you can use them for Skype calls, taking phone calls, transcription, and so many other uses.

In most headsets, the mic is removable, so you can remove it as needed.

4.     Excellent Compatibility

When looking for a gaming headset, it’s important to consider the type of platform you’ll be using to ensure maximum compatibility.

The specifications of the headsets must match with those of your gaming platform.

For example, if you’re planning to use a gaming PC or PS4, the headset must be fully compatible, otherwise, you’ll just waste your hard-earned cash.

If you’re buying a headset with the standard 3.5mm jack, make sure your gaming platform has a matching port as well.

5.     Surround Sound

Surround sound in gaming headsets if often considered a luxury feature. However, the role it plays in enhancing your gaming experience is immense.

With surround sound, multiple drivers are integrated into each ear, which makes sounds from your game crisp and clear.

You can hear even the lightest footstep noises from the background, thus keeping you alert and allowing you to act with immediate effect.

Although stereo gaming headsets are quite reliable as well, they truly won’t match those with surround sound.

6.     Equalization

Equalization is basically the built-in software in headsets that allows you to easily adjust their sound profile.

With this convenient feature, you get to switch to different sound profiles like bass boost or even podcast.

If you’re the kind of gamer who is sensitive to sound, choosing a pair of headsets with this feature could be truly beneficial.

Usually headsets with equalization software feature three main components like mid, treble, and bass. All you have to do is choose one that best suits you.

7.     Build Quality and Design

If you’re looking for the best gaming headsets, then you’ll also need to focus on build quality and design as well.

Combined with high-quality sound, headsets that are built to last and have flexible design should be your top priority.

In the market, you’ll see two main headsets designs. There are those that feature an open design while others have a closed design.

Basically, open-back and closed –back are the terms used to refer to the design of headsets earcups.

Open-back headsets allow air to pass through the earcups, thus preventing sound pressure from building up.

This makes them more comfortable and breathable, so you can wear them for hours without your ears sweating out

The only problem with closed-back headsets is that they are not very good at canceling out external noises. While gaming, these headsets won’t allow you to hear sounds from your games clearly.

Additionally, increasing the sound volume in these headsets might annoy those seated close to you as the sound will certainly escape from the earcups.

Closed-back headsets on the other hand fully cover your ears, preventing any sounds from escaping.

This makes them good noise isolation headsets. And because your ears are fully covered, those seated close to you won’t be able to hear your gaming sounds.

Closed-back headsets are an ideal choice for gamers as they allow you to fully immerse yourself into the game.

They also cancel out all external noises, allowing you to hear your enemies approaching more easily.

Unlike those with an open-back design that offers complete ventilation, closed-back headsets do not allow air to freely flow into your ears. You may experience a little bit of sweating.

However, modern headsets eliminate this problem by constructing the earcups with highly breathable materials that ensure maximum ventilation.

This means you can comfortably wear them for extended periods without experiencing the discomfort of sweating and pressure build-up.

Of course, your choice will entirely depend on your gaming needs and preferences.

There is also the issue of quality. A good pair of headsets should give you years and years of services. You need to choose a brand that is reputed for its high-quality headsets.

Since most headsets feature plastic construction especially in the earcups, a single drop should not cause them to break.

Some models feature steel headbands that are not only comfortable to wear, but also durable.

8.     Gaming Headsets Offer Superior Comfort

When you’re a gamer, one thing you cannot overlook when choosing a pair of gaming headsets is comfort.

Gaming is certainly not a 30 minutes thing. Spending up to 12 hours while gaming is not unusual. This is why you need to prioritize comfort when choosing gaming headsets.

The earcups must provide a comfortable fit. They should fit snugly in your ears. Tight-fitting ear cups will only cause pain due to pressure build-up.

Most ear cups are constructed with memory foam that conforms to your ears, ensuring maximum comfort.

The earcups must also be covered with a breathable and quick-drying material to prevent over sweating.

Most headsets have steel headbands that are covered with comfortable and lasting materials and are stuffed with premium memory foam that conforms to the shape of your head.

The headband should neither be too tight nor too loose. It should fit snugly to ensure maximum comfort even during long gaming sessions.

Are Gaming Headsets Worth It?- Bottom Line

Any professional gamer will tell you that a good pair of gaming headsets will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Sure, regular headphones do help a little, but if you want to become a professional gamer, then it’s imperative that you take sound quality seriously.

There are countless gaming headsets in the market right now. The price for different models ranges. If you’re on a budget, there are numerous affordable options for you.

So are gaming headsets worth it? Do they really make a difference? Well, of course, yes!

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