Astro a50 Review -The Wireless Headset & Base Station

What is an Astro a50? 
Perhaps if you are a severe gamer who likes using headsets, maybe you might have a clue already. This is one of the most outstanding gaming headset available and currently trending in the market.

They are the masters when it comes to the production of high-quality and refined sounds that will put you in the gaming mood.
Typically, most high-end gaming headsets tend to produce similar types of sounds.

However, the difference still exists. The brand and model type contributes a lot to the nature and quality of sound they produce.

So, how different is the Astro a50? Is it the best choice for you? Let’s find out more details on this.

Product Description


The A50 bears a sturdy make from high-quality materials; tough matte plastic held together with bi-metallic side pieces.

The upper section of the headband is highly flexible as it allows stretching for a better head fit and can also lower and raise still for perfect fitting.

The A50 comes with comfortable paddings which adds great comfort to the user. However long you have it over your head, you will not notice any straining weight pressing on you.

The padding at its top headband section and those covering the inner part of the ear cups helps contributes to all these.

The padding composes of a high-end foam which not only adds comfort but provides to its overall stylish appearance.

The 90 degrees swiveling of its earcups make it such a highly flexible design you would want.

With this feature characteristic, you can manipulate the position angles to your best suite.

Aside from the swiveling, they clamp softly around your ear giving you a more relaxed feeling.

This wireless working headset comes with a functional microphone stick attached to its left cup.

You can either move it upwards to switch it off or down to a horizontal position to get on-air.

Through its great functionality, it uses noise cancellation techniques which makes it so unique.


As would be expected of such a high profiled headset, its performance remains completely outstanding.

It produces 7.1 Dolby surround sound which is excellent to the ear when listening to music, gaming or making calls.

It comes with cozy padding on its earcups which contributes to its great comfort and breathability. You can have it on as long as you wish without feeling strained or uncomfortable.

It is one of the highly compatible headsets for gaming purposes as it accepts the connection with a variety of devices and OS. It works well with PCs, PS4, XBOX, and many others.

Being a wireless working device, it is highly convenient. You can use it at a distance from your screen and still feel the mood in the game through its highly accurate sound.

Its microphone is another great performer. It cancels all the surrounding noises and draws all your concentration on the screen. It is easy to switch on and off-air only a few actions involved.

You can, therefore, have a convenient chat with your gaming partners and go off the air if you need to concentrate more.

Also, out of its wireless operations, it comes with a long-life battery going up-to 15 on a single charge. You can hence use it with no worries after a full recharge.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Design: The A50 is a spectacular headset design that favors gaming activities. It comes with special efficacy features such as a microphone, soft, cozy earcup paddings, and sturdy makes from tough matte plastic and metal, and highly adjustable design for proper fit.
  • Flexibility: Big or small, your head size does not matter. Its headband design stretches and can be extended to fit the size of your head.
  • This is a wireless working device which therefore means no lots of cabling and great flexibility as you can sit near or far from the playing devices.
  • Long-life battery: This model comes with a long-life rechargeable battery working up to 15 hours. You can, therefore, extendible use it for such considerably long hours.
  • Noise Cancelation: This is one key feature distinguishing this model. However much noise could be in your background, you will still hear the sounds from your gaming. Also, when speaking through its microphone, the receivers on the other end will only listen to what you talk about more than the noises.
  • Compatibility: This model uses a unique USB transmitter which you can connect on either your PC or router to enhance its connection around premises. It as well connects to wireless networks such as Bluetooth connection.
  • Weight: 0.8 LBS (380G)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Pros

    • Stylish design
    • Flexible
    • Durable
    • Highly compatible
    • Lightweight


    • Pricey
    • Non-durable

    Frequently asked and Answered Questions

    Where can I buy the Astro a50?

    This model is available in its original form in retailer shops. You can either make your online order or visit your local electronic shops dealing in headsets. Ensure it bears the exact vital features and specifications.

    How compatible it is?

    You can use your it with any compatible device for your gaming; a PC, PS4, XBOX and any other. It comes with a USB transmitter which enhances its overall connectivity.

    How comfortable it is?

    This model comes with perfect fit adjustment features which ensures you feel the comfort all time while using it. Its high-quality padding composing of cozy foam makes it such a comfortable asset for a gaming headset.

    Why should you choose it over other models?

    It is because the model is outstanding right from its ergonometric design and comes with spectacular functioning features. It is comfortable, flexible, durable, and highly versatile.


    It is only with a proper headset that you can conveniently enjoy your gaming. The A50 is a high-end gaming headset that comes with those features you need to enjoy your game entirely.

    It produces quality sounds while using the noise cancellation technique. It comes with an easy to use a microphone, highly adjustable headband, wireless connectivity and a lot more like the long-life battery.

    Apart from gaming, you can use it to serve other purposes such as watching videos, listening to music, calling and receiving calls alongside others.

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