Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphone Review

At a Glance

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless is primarily an Apple headphone first, so Android buyers beware.

In terms of aesthetics, it features pretty much hits all the notes that you expect from a Beats headphone – minimalist, smooth, and more compact.

This one also comes with noise-canceling features, how it fairs with other NC headphones in the market, we'll find out in this review.

The Beats Studio 3 also incorporates Apple's W1 chip, making this one utterly compatible with the iOS device.

While Android users can still use the Beats Studio 3, expect some limitations in regards to the features it can offer.

Main Features


Adaptive Noise Cancelling Technology


Fast Charging Technology


Real-time Audio Calibration


Integrated with Apple W1 Chip


In terms of visuals, the Beats Studio 3 doesn't move away from the signature look of its predecessors.

The construction still utilizes sturdy hard plastic overall, and you get the signature Beats logo prominently displayed on both cans.

You will also notice how the Beats Studio 3 is sleeker in appearance compared to the first-generation Beats headphones which were massive.

You could argue that the bulkier size of previous Beats headphones was part of its charm, but it is nice that they are starting to offer some balance when it comes to the dimensions of their products.

The Beats Studio 3 features a matte finish and comes in various color variations from black, white, gray, blue, and porcelain rose. It does not have a glossy finish that is synonymous with most Apple products.

If you are not a fan of that look, then good news for you as the Beats Studio 3 headphone marches up to its tune. I prefer the all-black model as it is more low-key and subtle with its design.

The overall build is one of the highlights here. Sturdy and with the perfect heft, this headphone feels quite durable without having that excess weight.

I still think that Beats Studio headphones are somewhat overpriced though as you can get higher-quality headphones out there at the same price.

But let us be honest here, one of the appeals of Beats headphones is with its brand name.

The use of hard yet lightweight plastic material helps balance out headphone's durability and weight.

I did find the control layout on the left can to be somewhat shabby. Pressing any of the buttons there generates a loud clicking noise that kind of makes it feels a bit cheap.

Still, it does what it does so consider this as a little nitpick.

Overall, the design of the Beats Studio 3 checks every box of what you expect from the Beats brand.

It is less cumbersome and dense while still maintaining that signature minimalistic modern appeal that the brand is known for.

If you prefer something with a contemporary conservative minimalist twist, you might want to check out the Beats Studio 3 and other headphones from the brand.


As for the question of whether the Beats Studio 3 headphones are comfortable, the short answer is, yes.

As for the more detailed long explanation as to why we concluded on this decision, it is a combination of several key factors.

First and foremost, the ear pads are well-placed in that it envelops your ears rather than squishing them.

This is an excellent design choice as the headband is somewhat rigid and having the ear cushions go around and encase the ear will help prevent discomfort when wearing this headphone for prolonged periods.

This slightly larger ear cushion does have its downsides though, as it increases the heat build-up inside.

If you are using it outdoors in the middle of the day, you might find your ears drenched in sweat within an hour.

That being said, indoors, this is one of the more comfortable headphones that you can get your hands with today.

Taking the Beats Studio 3 out on a trip is also made considerably easy with the foldable design.

Unlike previous Beats headphones, Studio 3 is surprisingly compact when folded up. One thing that I am not a fan of is the use of rubber for the cover underneath the headband.

While the rubber is indeed soft and provides adequate cushioning between your head and the headband, it tends to stick to the hair as it generates a tight fit.

As we have noted earlier, the construction of this headphone is quite rigid. Trying to deliver pressure on crucial parts of the Beats Studio 3 showed the headband straining somewhat.

While it feels sturdy, the lack of flexibility is quite worrisome. The good news here is that the Beats Studio 3 does come with a hard-shell case that should protect it when you are traveling.

Sound Quality

Now, wireless headphones have had some flak for delivering sound quality that is noticeably lower than wired ones.

Nowadays, though, that is not always the case. Sound quality will always be the deciding factor in this category, so does the Beats Studio 3 deliver in this regard? Let's find out.

A critical aspect of the Beats Studio 3 which will undoubtedly be the focal point of the question is its compatibility with the two primary OS – iOS and Android.

Specifically, with its noise-canceling capability. Well, fortunately, its noise-canceling feature performs equally on both iOS and Android devices.

A smart move from Beats to make sure they reel in as much customer as possible.

While the Beats Studio 3's noise cancellation capability doesn't match up with the best ones out there, it still delivers reliable performance.

You can wear this during your commute, and you are guaranteed to block out a majority of the noise from other vehicles.

It can also block out deafening sounds from passing planes and trains, as well.

Now, when it comes to sound quality, the Beats Studio 3 also gives a relatively good performance.

Again, it appears that Beats is taking a more balanced approach with this generation of headphones as it does not deliver the same robust bass quality as previous models.

The Beats Studio 3 delivers a surprisingly energetic and dynamic audio performance, which is not precisely what the first-generation Beats headphones were known for in their initial run.

The sound detail is pretty distinguishable, and the treble has a definitive feel to it.

While the Beats Studio 3 did dial back its bass delivery, it is still its most prominent aspect.

The power is still there without having the other ranges sound muddled during the more hectic segments of the song. Those who enjoy heavy beats will not be disappointed here.

We did notice that the Beats Studio 3 is still leaning more over the lower-midrange, which makes the mid-range frequency fall short from time to time.

This emphasis on the lower-midrange can also leave some tracks sounding weighed down and a bit grainy.

Beats headphones are more for individuals who love hip-hop, pop, and rock as it can undoubtedly provide energy synonymous with those genres.

As for those who love genres such as classical and ballads, you might feel left out by the Beats Studio 3.

Beats won't win over any audiophile with the Studio 3 as it does not reach the level of fidelity that some top-notch headphones out there can, and that's okay. 

The Beats Studio 3 focuses on a specific category of music, and it does so amazingly well.

Notable Features

  • The main selling point of the Beats Studio 3 is its noise-canceling feature combined with its wireless functionality. While it does not have some of the more advanced features as other premium wireless NC headphones in the market today, it still manages to deliver good scores across the board with what it brings to the table. It is better to flawlessly deliver on the basics rather than offer more options that are well-rounded at best.
  • Another noteworthy feature included with the Beats Studio 3 is its Fast Fuel charging technology. You can quickly charge the headphone within half an hour for those who need it in a jiffy. It is somewhat strange that the Beats Studio 3 uses micro USB cables instead of the Lightning cable that all Apple devices use. This is undoubtedly good news for Android users, but quite baffling for iOS customers as Beats is under Apple.
  • The battery life is where the clear divide will lie. For iOS devices, we have clocked the battery life at 40 hours with the ANC off and around 20 hours with the ANC feature on.However, Android users will find the headphone to drop around 12-hours with the ANC on. You can find other headphones with similar features and price tags run for about 30+ hours with the ANC on.
  • Overall, the Beats Studio 3 is still primarily made for Apple device users, and they will get all the perks that come with this headphone. For the rest though, it still manages to deliver a decent performance, but you will find other headphones that offer more bang for your buck.


  • Excellent battery life.
  • Well-rounded sound quality.
  • Top-notch wireless performance.
  • A broad selection of color variations.
  • Outstanding comfort.


  • Most of the pros listed above are exclusive to Apple users.
  • It is not 100% compatible with Android devices.
  • The W1 chip benefits are for iOS devices only.
  • The mid-range leaves much to be desired.

The Final Verdict:

The Beats Studio 3 is a reliable wireless ANC headphone ONLY if you have an Apple device to pair it up with.

For those who don't, you might find the lack of support to be annoying at best and infuriating at its worst. 

That said, Apple users will get their money's worth with Studio 3. It has excellent battery life, smooth wireless connectivity, and sound quality that will satisfy bass-heavy music lovers.

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