Best Cheap Budget Noise-Canceling Headphones Under 200

The best noise-canceling headphones under 200 are affordable and packed with features that make them compete favorably with high-end devices. In this category, we have different designs, including headphones, earbuds, and headsets.

Also, the headphones could fall into categories depending on whether they are wired or wireless. The main attribute that brings them together is that all of them are noise-canceling.

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So, don't get confused – this write-up shall introduce you to some of the best devices in this category. We shall describe ten of the best noise-canceling headphones regarding their attributes to help you make the right purchasing decision.

When you go searching online to find a good pair of headphones, you will do so with the confidence of a professional and not an industry novice. Let's delve deep into it!

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones Under 200

Best Choice (Must buy Headphone)

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of music players and sound gadgets. Therefore, you can trust it to make one of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market – the Sony WHCH710N.

One of the first things you notice about the headphones is its lightweight and portable nature.

Sony must have deliberately made the headphones that way for people who want powerful sound from smaller devices.

It comes with a noise-cancellation feature that automatically scans the environment – using the Dual Noise Sensor Technology – and blocks any noise that could interfere with your music.

However, the noise-canceling feature isn't just great for listening to music, but it also helps when you have to make a hands-free call by minimizing ambient noise. Thus, you get to speak to the person on the other side of the line without much interference.

The headphones do not just pair with your smartphone (to enable you to make hands-free calls), but it also uses the voice assistant function. Thus, you may use commands on Google Assistant to operate it.

With this device, you can stream sound wirelessly via Bluetooth using the NFC one-touch. It is compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices, including smartphones, laptops, and TV.

It features an ultra-comfortable design that fits nicely over the head and ears, thanks to the adjustable metal sliders. For that reason, you can wear the headphones for long periods without feeling pressure to your head or ears.

Finally, it comes with 30mm drivers to deliver detailed, crystal-clear sound for a more immersive music experience.

 COWIN E7 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

The COWIN E7 combines active noise-canceling, high-quality sound, extra comfort, and long battery life to give you a pair of must-have headphones.

Active noise-canceling comes essential when you want to block out the noise in a busy office, overcrowded airplane cabin, or city traffic. If you are watching a movie or listening to music, the headphones enable you to immerse yourself in your world.

Since there is no environmental noise interference, you get a powerful, crisp sound for the ultimate music enjoyment.

The headphones also have an accurate and in-depth bass response, thanks to the proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers.

However, these noise-canceling headphones aren't just about quality sound. Instead, they also have a high-quality microphone for making hands-free calls straight from your phone.

One thing you will love about the COWIN E7 is the ease with which it pairs with other Bluetooth devices, thanks to the NFC technology that enables pairing by voice prompts. Besides, you get a more stable connection with NFC.

COWIN covers the memory foam earpads with professional protein leather in anticipation that you will wear these headphones for long hours.

Also, the ear cups can swivel up to 90 degrees. What it means is that you get the maximum possible comfort when using these headphones.

Wireless headphones can be annoying, especially if the battery life isn't up to speed. However, COWIN has addressed that aspect from the get-go by installing a 30-hour 750mAh battery.

 COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise-Canceling Headphones 

While the previous version of the COWIN E7 was great, this particular pair of headphones is even better, having undergone a few improvements. 

The first one concerns the sound quality, which has improved from 75dB to the current 85dB, surprisingly from the same 45 mm large-aperture drivers.

The over-the-ear headphones cover your ears, blocking out any ambient noise and preventing it from interfering with the sound quality. The result is a powerful, crisp sound for greater enjoyment of your music.

COWIN recommends these headphones for travelers, office workers, home users, and general music lovers looking for a uniquely powerful and immersive sound.

The microphone on the current version of the COWIN E7 Pro is of much higher quality, enabling you to communicate in a crystal clear voice with people on your phone.

Since it is wireless, you don't have to be restrained by the length of the wire. You can move as you talk on the phone as long as you remain within the Bluetooth signal range.

Now, the noise-canceling headphones come with Bluetooth 4.0, which connects quickly, providing a stable connection with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, and TV.

With the upgraded protein earpad soft ear cushions, you should feel comfortable wearing these headphones for prolonged periods.

And for the same reason, the headphones are more durable since the cushions absorb shock when there is a fall.

It has an 800nAh battery that can give you 30 hours of playtime when using Bluetooth. Now, that's long enough for you to have finished your work many times over and recharged it.

That the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is Hi-Res Audio Certified speaks volumes about the device's built quality and output potential.

The headphones can produce exceptional, 40kHz, high-frequency, clear, detailed sound thanks to the 40 mm dynamic drivers.

It is one of the best noise-canceling headphones, blocking environmental noise by 90 percent.

Anker says it tasked its team with research work that developed a proprietary noise-canceling algorithm in these headphones.

For that reason, they provide a safe, hassle-free trip on the road and in the air by canceling low-frequency and high-frequency noise from cars and airplanes.

In addition to clear sound, this device also has 100 percent stronger bass, thanks to the company's exclusive BassUp technology.

It analyses low frequencies in real-time and makes the bass stronger for your listening pleasure.

Besides, the headphones are extremely easy to use, given that they come with a play button that turns them on.

Double-pressing this button during a hip-hop listening session amplifies the sound for a better listening experience.

One of the best things about the Life Q20 is the 40-hour playtime it provides in wireless active noise-canceling mode.

However, you can extend that to 60 hours when playing traditional music. That means you can listen to more than 600 tracks on a single charge.

The ergonomically designed headphones feature memory foam ear cups that gently cover the ears.

The headband has rotating joints that automatically position the ear cups in conformity to the head's shape and size. With the resultant comfort, you can work for long hours without complaining of pain.

5. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones stand out for several things – it is waterproof, comfortable to wear, and provides a long battery life.

Let's start with its IPX7 waterproof capabilities, which make it suitable for jogging, running, riding, fitness, hiking, and so on. Also, you can wear headphones and still enjoy your music in heavy rain.

It features a lightweight, ergonomic design with customizable accessories such as gel ear tips (small, medium, and large) and soft silicone ear hooks.

Thus, they comfortably and securely fit over your ears, even during the most intense workouts.

The built-in lithium-polymer battery takes only 2 hours to recharge and lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous audio play or talk time.

If you use it exclusively for workouts, that power can stay for more than one week.
But that's not all there is to this pair of noise-canceling headphones. It comes with 11 mm drivers and for crystal clear sound.

When communicating with another person over the phone, the CVC noise-cancellation built-in mic provides impressive stereo sound and deeper bass. Thus, your calls are more precise and more stable.

Operating this device is extremely easy, thanks to the convenient control buttons for playing, pausing, and increasing your music volume.

Additionally, you can use it to skip tracks, answer calls, end calls, and phone voice control.

The Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones provide connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 for audio of the highest fidelity. It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

6. Bluetooth Headphones, LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof Noise-Canceling Headsets

The ergonomically designed Bluetooth Headphones from LETSCOM are lightweight, stable, and comfortable over your head and ears. 

It comes with many customizable accessories, including gel ear tips (small, medium, and large) and soft silicone ear hooks for a secure fit during an intense workout.

It has a built-in lithium-polymer battery that takes 2 hours to recharge and can deliver up to 8 hours of continuous playtime. If you go to the gym for one-hour workouts, the battery power can last you more than a week.

The noise-canceling headphones won't get damaged due to being soaked up in a sweat when you use it for workouts and exercise.

That's because the device is IPX waterproof certified and can serve you well during your running, jogging, and riding sessions, even in heavy rain.

Thanks to the presence of several buttons, the headphones provide 100 percent foolproof operation, enabling you to play, pause, and stop the music. You can also skip tracks, adjust the volume, pick and drop calls, and use voice control via your phone.

When it comes to sound quality, the headphones stand out from the rest with some impressive features. The device comes with an 11 mm vibrating diaphragm for clear sound at low or high volume.

It also has a CVC built-in, a noise-cancellation mic that perfectly captures your voice and releases it in the form of crisp stereo sound and deep bass. Thus, your calls maintain a high level of clarity, whether at low or high volume.

Finally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which captures radio waves from different devices (cell phones, laptops, and tablets), producing high-fidelity audio.

7. True Wireless Earbuds VANKYO X200 Bluetooth 5.0

There is a reason for VANKYO referring to this device as "truly wireless earbuds," and it's not because other devices aren't wireless.

Instead, it's about the Bluetooth V5.0 capability, which the company has built into this device. Its transmission speed is, therefore, two times that of similar devices.

That makes it one of the best noise-canceling headphones under $200. As soon as you remove the two headsets from the package, they connect automatically, leaving you with the task to set up Bluetooth connectivity with your cell phone (or laptop, tablet).

Please give it to VANKYO for the work that went into making an 8 mm speaker so powerful. Whether you are watching a movie, making a call, or listening to a podcast, you will get superior stereo sound quality.

It comes with a 3500mAh battery with a smart charging case. The charging case keeps charging the headphones on the go so that you can get up to 7 hours of listening time and 5 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Additionally, the charging case protects the headphones from possible damage and displays the power remaining in the left or right earbuds.

The earbuds are IPX8 waterproof certified, which means they resist damage from rain or sweat. Thus, you can wear them during a workout in the gym and when traveling.

When it comes to how they fit inside your ears, the earbuds have flexible silicone tips (in three sizes) that conform to the shape of your ear, locking out all ambient noise.

It does not only work with cell phones but also with devices like laptops and tablets.

8. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, True Wireless Earbuds w/Active Noise-Canceling

Samsung also describes this device as the "truly wireless earbuds," perhaps because of its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. For that reason, you can use your voice with the voice assistant to search for music hands-free, send a message, or order for coffee.

It has a long-lasting battery that delivers up to 8 hours of playtime and 29 hours on standby. Thus, if you listen to music throughout the day, that is long enough to take you through an entire workday.

The noise quality for this device is top-notch. It has 12 mm AKG speakers that combine efforts with the earbud's ergonomic design to give you high-quality sound.

The noise-canceling earbuds also have large drivers that work together with the bass duct to deliver deep bass. Samsung has made these earbuds so that they ease airflow, allowing a smooth flow of air.

Having used earbuds before, you understand how uncomfortable wearing some devices can be.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is exceptional, given that their design allows for a perfect fit into the ears. Thus, they remain comfortable no matter how long you wear them.

Do you want a pair of headphones that allow you to concentrate on the music or movie? Buy this device because of its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) capabilities that keep the noise out of your ears while letting you immerse yourself in your world.

Even so, it allows the sound from announcements to pass through so that you do not miss important things going on around you.

9. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth connection can be problematic, primarily if it relies on older versions of the technology. 

To ensure you have a stronger signal and a more unwavering connection, Mpow has equipped this device with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

In addition to supporting several Bluetooth-enabled devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, and TV), allowing you to connect to two devices at the same time.

It comes with a uniquely lightweight, ergonomic design that sits comfortably and stably over your ears. Similarly, the in-ear earbuds fit in place without hurting you, mainly if you use them for a long time.

The 11 mm dynamic drivers provide immersive sound, complete with powerful bass, as long as you use the right size (extra-small, small, medium, and large) ear tips.

It comes with built-in cVc6.0 noise-canceling microphones and SBC & AAC audio that allow you to deliver your calls in crystal clear sound. There can be no excuse for the person on the other side not hearing you.

It provides 7 to 9 hours of playback time thanks to the built-in improved lithium-ion battery. Besides, it only takes two hours to recharge the Bluetooth headphones fully.

The headphones will display the remaining battery power on your phone to help you know when to restore the charge.

You don't have to be afraid of using the headphones for your workout in the gym, given that it is IPX7 waterproof.

It has an interior Nano-coating technology that protects it from getting drenched in sweat and rainwater. It is excellent for jogging, running, fitness, traveling, hiking, and exercise.

10. TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

TaoTronics hails this device as the "world's first AI noise-canceling headset" with the ability to reduce ambient noise by up to 40dB.

That means the people you can and those who call you get to hear you clearly, no matter how noisy the environment is.

It seems the AI noise-canceling feature isn't the only latest attribute of this device – it also has Bluetooth 5.0, which is the current trending standard.

That combines with the advanced QCC3020 chipset to deliver a fast, stable radio signal transmission from the source device (cell phone, laptop, or tablet) to the headset.

Operating these noise-canceling headphones is extremely easy, thanks to the multifunction button for answering, redialing, rejecting, ending, and transferring calls. It also has a mute button and dedicated volume control for music and calls.

With the 34 hour talk time, it is possible for you to go through most of your work (for days) without recharging the device's battery. And you can always make or answer hands-free calls when there is a need.

The people at Taotronics understand the need to wear your headset for long hours, which is why they have made this device to provide all-day comfort.

In addition to the adjustable headband, it has an anti-slip pad and a soft ear pad for all-day comfort.

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones Under 200-Bottom Line

The best noise-canceling headphones under 200 could be any of the devices that we have reviewed above. It is easier to know that by taking each device simultaneously, assessing its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The price shouldn't be an issue, given that all of these devices are affordable. Before deciding to buy, ensure you assess each of the headphones individually to pick the best that can serve all of your needs.

We are confident that we have provided you with all the information you need to confidently choose the right noise-canceling headphones.

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