Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Review

The Bose QuietComfort line has been arguably one of the most reputed and recognizable noise cancelling headphones in the market for years.
This is no surprise given how Bose pours every bit of their expertise and technology in building some of the most revolutionary pieces of sound tech.

Now, a lot of Bose headphones fanatics have been curious about the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and how it differs from its predecessor, the Quiet Comfort 15 model. Sure, they do have a striking resemblance.

Plus given the exemplary performance, the QC 15 model has delivered over the years, most people are wondering whether the QC 25 has anything special to offer and whether it could actually beat its predecessor.

Well, according to Bose, these Bose QC 25 headphones have been totally revamped in terms of design, noise reduction, and most importantly, sound quality.

Not to mention that the QC25 model costs way less compared to the QC15 headphones.

Now let's get into the basics;

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Review- The Features

1. Build and Design

At first glance, the aesthetics have greatly improved and as far as the design is concerned, the QC 25 offers quite a number of improvements that clearly lack in its predecessor.

One of these significant improvements in the headband which has been totally revamped to sit closer to the user's head.

This means that the gap under the headband is significantly smaller which of course makes them much more comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time.

Speaking of comfort, the Bose QC25 headphones are every bit as comfortable as Bose's previously popular models.

The headband's inner padding is made from a synthetic type of suede that is both extremely soft and comfortable to wear yet long-lasting.

According to Bose, this is the same material that commonly found in the majority of high-end automotive applications.

The outer part of the headband features a woven fabric made of cotton and felt combo.

This combination makes it less prone to become warm when it's too hot or dampen with sweat.

The new headband materials are also quite durable so you shouldn't expect them to wear and tear after only a few uses.

While the headband also features plastic construction, it doesn't make the headphones less sturdy and durable.

Bose seems to have really struck a good balance between sturdiness and durability, comfort, and weight.

Speaking of weight, the Bose QC25 headphones are impressively lightweight.

Of course, this has to do with their plastic construction. However, a lot of people appear to be concerned about the sturdiness and durability of these headphones given their lightweight plastic construction.

To ease your worries, the entire package has a tough build.

This includes the storage casing that comes alongside with the headphones. A single fall won't make these headphones crack or stop functioning.

They are every bit as durable as every other Bose headphone releases since the company never disappoints as far as quality and durability are concerned.

Furthermore, for such a price, the quality must be top-notch, right?

Still, on the build and design, the earcups appear to have received quite a significant overhaul.

There seems to be a reduction of padding in the earcups. However, they are still as comfortable as their predecessor.

The ear cushions which are constructed with soft leather not only offer luxurious comfort but are also quite long-lasting.

Another improvement is an indication of the Right and Left earcups, something that most headphone users will appreciate.

With most brands, it's hard to tell what earcup to wear on which ear, which can be frustrating because getting a comfortable fit can be a problem.

Bose has clearly done a stellar job eliminating this minor confusion.

The QC25 comes in two main colors; White and Black. This is obviously disappointing for people who would love a different color.

However, if you prefer a custom color, Bose will be happy to sell it to you, though you need to fork off an extra $100 to get custom colored headphones. Doesn't sound pretty, right?.

As for the storage, the earcups fold inwards so you can easily store them in the included casing.

The case even has some extra slots for storing an extra battery as well as the included adapter for airplane use.

Overall, the design and quality of these headphones are quite admirable.

This was to be expected since Bose has never disappointed when it comes to durable construction and sturdiness of their headphones.

Except for the extra $100 for custom colored headphones, we have to applaud Bose's dedication to bringing the best out of the new QC25 model.

2.  Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

Bose has always been at the top of its game when it comes to sound quality and noise cancellation.

In fact, the Quiet Comfort series is well known for its excellent noise cancellation ability as well as clear and concise sound.

The Quiet Comfort 25 headphones are no different. This particular model delivers a slightly better sound compared to the QC 15.

The sound is crisp clear, faster and more forward, with the beautiful addition of a tighter and good treble clarity.

The lows, mids, as well as highs are crisp clear, which is quite impressive.

The left cup houses an auxiliary port in the 3-foot cable that hosts the inline controls.

Using the controls, you can easily adjust the volume, pause a song, or even use the voice assistant Siri.

It also features an inline mic that lets you operate your iPhone, iPad, iPod, as well as Android and Samsung handsfree.

The right earcup, on the other hand, houses the noise-cancellation switch.

As well discussed earlier, the Quiet Comfort series is reputed for its incredible noise cancellation feature that lets you block out all the noise and focus on what's important (like calls and music).

The Bose QC 25 offers an exemplary noise cancellation with just a simple switch.

It's particularly very good at reducing high-frequency noise, which means taking calls or listening to music in noisy environments is possible.

Take it with you on the airplane, busy office, or even through your city's traffic and enjoy a noise-free listening experience.

Overall, Bose has truly enhanced the QC25's sound quality and noise cancellation which is quite impressive.

Also, the model's compatibility with Apple devices is seriously a major perk that most users will enjoy.

3.  Battery Life

Unlike the QC15 which must be powered to be fully operational, you just need a single AAA battery to power the headphone's active noise cancellation.

In other words, the QC25 does not use a rechargeable battery. Although this concept seems quite traditional, the good news is that you won't always need to recharge the batteries since you can simply replace the drained battery with a full one.

This makes them convenient for running, working out, or even backpacking in areas with no power.

All you have to do is carry a few extra AAA batteries and you're good to go.

In fact, Bose clearly thought out the battery issue well as the headphones case offers slots for storing an extra battery.

What we Don't Like

While we appreciate all the new improved features, we can't help but feel a little bit disappointed by the lack of Bluetooth functionality in these headphones.

Although this cable combined with a remote and mic are offered as an alternative, a lot of people would still prefer Bluetooth pairing options.

Of course, this little shortcoming doesn't affect the functionality or the performance of these headphones.

Should You Buy the Bose Quiet Comfort 25?

From the sound quality, active noise cancellation, quality build, comfort, to affordable pricing, the Bose QC25 will definitely make a valuable purchase.

It's hard to come across headphones that offer as good noise cancellation and sound quality as Bose headphones, and the 25 model is no different.

As far as the pricing is concerned, these headphones are quite affordable compared to other Bose models or competitors. 

Plus the fact that they offer up to 35 hours of unmatched noise cancelling performance with just a single AAA battery is quite impressive.

The headphones are truly unique, mindblowing, and if you are really looking for improved sound quality and noise cancellation in headphones, the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 is your best bet.

They are well worth checking out as they have an added bonus of being slightly cheaper than most competitors.

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