Bose Quiet Control 30 Review

If you're looking for a pair of headphones that offer unrivalled noise cancellation, sound quality, and longer battery life, then the Bose Quiet Control 30 model is exactly what you're searching for.

Of all the Bose headphones in the Quiet Control line, the QC30 seems to have received a major overhaul, especially in terms of design.

Unlike the usual over-the-ear with headband headphones like the Bose QC25 and 35, the QC30 sports a neckband-style design with wide, cone-shaped ear tips that are made of soft and comfy silicone.

So you might be a little bit disappointed if your expectations were the usual over-the-ear headphones. 

But you can always go for the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and 35 whose performance, design, active noise cancelling, and comfort is unrivalled.

Another significant change is the transition from wired to wireless.

It's interesting to see how Bose has perfectly combined its noise-cancelling tech with wireless to offer users exceptional listening experience.

That said, does the Bose Quiet Control 30 live up to the hype? Do its performance and quality really match up to its hefty price tag?

Well, we are about to find out in our comprehensive Bose Quiet Control 30 Review.

Bose Quiet Control 30 Review-The Features and Performance

1. Build and Design

As stated earlier, Bose has opted for a neckband-style design for the QC30 model.

The plastic build quality is excellent so these headphones won't crack after a single drop or wear after short usage.

They also fit very securely and are comfortable to use even for extended periods.

The neckband is finished in plastic which is really comfortable to wear, though they do feel a little bit cold when they first touch your neck.

They will warm up after a few seconds though, so this shouldn't be a cause for concern.

Now, with the neckband design, all the internal components like the battery, processors, and Bluetooth chip are located in the neckband that hangs snuggly around your neck.

On the left end of the neckband is a Bluetooth and NFC pairing switch as well as a power switch that lets you turn the headphones off/on.

To put the Bluetooth pairing on, simply hold down the button and the pairing process will begin.

Both the right and left earpiece are connected to the neckband by an 8-inch long cable.

On the right earpiece, the cable is an inline remote control that features more controls like the Volume Up/Down, a playback/call button that also doubles as a track navigation button, as well as an ambient mic level control.

The three buttons are easy to distinguish thanks to the center button.

The ear tips which are wide and cone-shaped are made with soft silicone which makes them quite comfortable to wear.

They fit securely into your ears thanks to the earfins attached to them to keep them in place.

In fact, they are so soft that you can barely feel them, plus they hold in so firmly so you can work out or do your morning jogs without them falling off.

Their cone-shaped design makes them quite good at blocking out all external distractions.

This design basically helps completely seal the gap between your ears and the eartips without necessarily increasing pressure in your ears.

In other words, you can enjoy music for hours without feeling pain or numbness that is common with low-end headphones.

The entire package is quite lightweight at only 2.24 ounces. And oh, the inline remote control on the right earpiece doesn't add extra weight.

It's completely lightweight so the earpiece will still fit securely despite the little additional weight.

Overall, the design is aesthetically appealing while the build is quite sturdy and durable.

And even though the neckband features plastic construction, the plastic materials are of premium quality, so durability shouldn't be an issue.

If you're familiar with Bose headphones, then you understand that they are some of the best in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

2. Noise-Cancelling

Bose has been dominating the market as a leading manufacturer of some of the best active noise cancelling headphones in the market.

With noise-cancelling turned all the way up, it's hard to hear what other passengers sitting next to you on the plane are saying.

You can even make calls in a busy street or a noisy coffee shop with complete clarity.

Control the amount of external noise by holding down and tapping the two buttons on the inline remote control located at the right earpiece cable.

Alternatively, use the Bose App (which is available for both IOS and Android devices) to easily manage the active noise-cancelling feature.

Overall, the active noise cancelling of the Bose Quiet Comfort 30 is on another level.

It's quite impressive especially since most headphones users feel the over-the-ear headphones do a much better job blocking out the noise compared to earpieces.

3. Sound Quality

Bose has proven time and again with its countless headphones models that it takes sound quality quite seriously.

All their headphones are reputed for their full and clear sound profile which is clearly consistent through a wide range of frequency ranges.

The crisp clear sound of the Bose Quiet Comfort 30 lets you hear even the slightest detail of whatever music or audio you're listening to.

The sound does not just bring out unmatched clarity, but it's also quite detailed and immense with just the right amount of bass.

Of course, all this is made possible by Bose's powerful drivers that deliver pretty solid yet distortion-free audio that lots of users are happy about.

Overall, the QC30 does an admirable job keeping things crisp clear with an unmatched high-mid and high-frequency presence.

Its ability to keep everything balanced while at the same time reducing the noise is quite admirable.

4. Battery Life

The Bose QC30 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of the uninterrupted listening experience and active noise cancelling.

This is on a fully-charged battery. While this is enough for most people to get by the day, 10 hours is too little compared to other Bose models like the Q35 and 25.

So if you want to enjoy more hours, the Bose QC 35 and 25 are probably a good choice.

However, using the Bose app, you can save a decent amount of power using the inbuilt auto-timer.

It takes a maximum of 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery, which is not bad.

However, you must know that it's impossible to use the headphones while plugged into a power outlet.

5. Breathability

Many headphones users are often wary of headphones that are less breathable as they tend to make their ears sweat.

The good news is that the Bose Quiet Control 30 headphones feature a highly breathable design that keeps your ears dry and comfortable, even when temperatures are high.

Their breathable design makes them perfect for workouts and sports.

6. Comfort

Since there is no headband, you don't have to worry about headband tension, frame tension, or weight as it's with over-the-ear headphones.

This doesn't mean that over-the-ear headphones are any less comfortable.

High-end models like Bose feature some of the most comfortable designs in the market.

On to the comfort of the QC30, you can wear these sleek pieces of tech for extended periods without experiencing numbness or fatigue commonly caused by some low-quality earbuds.

The eartips are designed to fit snugly within your ear canal while ensuring a secure fit.

The neckband is lightweight and is designed in a way that allows it to easily conform to your neck for a snug, comfortable fit.

And of course, being lightweight means it won't cause fatigue by weighing down your neck or form pressure points.

Plus the earbuds are quite lightweight and comfortable as well.

7. Portability

Since there are no large earcups, the QC30 won't take up much space. Plus the slim design makes it all more compact, lightweight, and portable.

However, they might not fit into your pockets but will easily fit in most backpack pockets.

The included hard storage case further makes the headphones portable while protecting them against falls, scratches while keeping them waterproof.

The headphone dimensions are 6 h x 6.5 w x 0.75 l inches while the hard case measures 6.5 h x 6.75 w x 1.4 l inches.

Bose Quiet Comfort 30 Headphones Review-The Final Verdict

The Bose Quiet Control 30 Headphones are a great choice for anyone looking for an everyday pair of headphones.

The sound quality is top-notch and the active noise cancelling is truly unrivalled, like it is with most Bose headphones.

Unlike most low-quality earbuds, the QC fits snuggly while ensuring a secure fit.

You can use them during workouts or running and they won't annoyingly keep falling off.

Plus the neckband which features a plastic construction won't weigh you down or cause the earbuds to fall off your ears.

The only issue we might have with these headphones is the shorter battery life.

We expected Bose to offer a much longer battery life like most of its models.

10 hours isn't that bad, but most users would prefer longer hours, especially those going off-radar for a while.

They are a little bit pricey but hey, you get what you pay for, right?

The Bose Quiet Comfort 30 headphones are every bit as perfect as some high-end models plus their durable construction is a guarantee that you won't need an upgrade any time soon!

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