The popular HS series and funky looking Void headsets line are the two headsets lines for Corsair. The company has recently launched a new wireless headset dubbed the HS70, and it makes 7.1 sound.

It is made in Black, white and a tan version which is highly compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC

The Corsair HS 70 looks very similar to other products, and it's wireless with internal DAC. It is perfect for games and very user-friendly. It has sharp edges with plain designs.

It looks so serious and beneficial for the live stream. All most all the sides of the headset are coated with matte plastic which gives it a soft touch. One will notice that the earcups are covered with wire mesh which makes it look like an open and airy headset.

The earpad was designed with memory foam placed in a luxurious leather material, which makes it look somehow like Man O'War's product Razer. However, spares are not provided for replacement.

Therefore they need to be contacted to get another one once the one supplied has lost its value.

The stitching that coats the band of this product is also adorable. It is made up of excellent material and also giving the aesthetic value that it deserves.

It is very comfortable with making use of this headset for long hours. Friends have also found it useful while playing games. A new user will not have issues using this product.

A sturdy and robust metal frame was used to produce the topmost part of the headset. It is lightweight, flexible, and straightforward to hold despite being strong.

This fact is because it can control heat as a result of continued use. This fact is possible because it has a vent at the earpad of the product.

The Micro USB cable can be used to charge the headset and the HS70 has a battery life that can span for more than 16 hours. The USB receiver is very more extensive that makes it better than its rivals.


Installing the best Corsair Utility Engine will make it sound extraordinary when it is used with your personal computer. This act is the best output than using it with PS4. 

It also has other peripherals that make it work so perfect. The mic volume and sidetone can be adjusted to in turn adds a quality sound from your microphone to your headphones perhaps you don't like the quality of sound from other products.

The product was also designed to show the level of your battery usage.

It has a Dashboard that makes it unique from other companies ' products. You can add windows on the dashboard. You can decide to select the battery level and mic adjustment on the EQ window for the HS70.

You can choose to add other corsair product to this product, and everything will be displayed on its tab for the dashboard. Some of the other products that can be used with it are the fans and keyboard.

You can add some additional information on the memory, processor, graphics card, and motherboard. It will make it show interesting stats like fan speeds, internal temps that relate system utilization.

These features make it the perfect product for any game.

The selection of some controls designed on the headset is possible right below the base of the earcup. One of the buttons is for power, while the other is for toggling the mic.

Very close to these two buttons is a scroll wheel which is analog for the control of volume. It is somehow odd and was designed separately so that it won't affect the sound control of your PC.

This design is perfect, and this is majorly why people prefer this product.

The stereo mode can only be used with PS4 while 7.1 Surround can be activated with the use of CUE software which is only available for PC. The stereo sound allows for directions in tones from left to right.

This feature makes it possible to have a good sense of the voice of the speaker in the headphone and could also be dodged and spun to make a perfect shot.

The 7.1 surrounds gave a great experience of spatial awareness while playing both battlefield one and Battlefront II on my Personal computer. It makes everything around me look unique. 

While using this product, I was able to note the enemies are creeping through firing or rubble their blasters right in the hallway, which makes it very easy to locate and neutralize.

The stereo mode of the product is identical to the experience gotten from PS4. The settings on the headphone can easily be found and adjusted to one's choice.

The memory foam on the ear cups are very comfortable, and it has a solid headband for useful clamp on the head. So one will be used to using it for long hours without feeling any stress.

However, when the headband is adjusted for some reason, It places some little pressure on the head, but the padding makes it feel comfortable while using it. It will, therefore, make it easy after some to concentrate on the game.

The battery can last for 16 hours which makes it perfect for playing games. However, it will last less than 16 hours after charging when used for playing music. Friends have used it for 14 hours while playing modern melodies.

The removable mic option is very adorable and found it useful for chats. This product should not be left with children as all these features can be damaged.

I value this product, so I love keeping it safe from my little kids. Friends also love this product and love how the sound is plain and light on bass. The microphone is removable and makes it so flexible.


You will certainly enjoy using this product, whether for games or music. Just buy this corsair HS 70 and enjoy every bit of sounds from the game or music. Increase the volume to your choice and charge periodically to maintain the battery life.

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