Corsair Void Pro Review

At a Glance

The Corsair Void Pro RGB headset is an upgraded version of the Corsair Void RGB. As you would expect, the Pro ups the ante when it comes to audio quality and features.

The Corsair Void Pro now comes with 7.1 surrounds sound support. It also features a fully customizable RGB lighting that further adds a touch of style to your overall gaming experience.

This is a wireless headset which means you won't need to worry about pesky tangling issues. However, do these upgrades come at a cost? Check out this review to find out.

Main Features

  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound feature
  • Customizable RGB backlight
  • The ear pad is made from memory foam and microfiber mesh fabric
  • Discord certified for optimum microphone functionality
  • Design

    The Corsair Void Pro RGB headset may have a budget-friendly price, but its design and construction are top-notch. The sleek and angular design of the ear cups adds much flair to its overall appearance.

    The fully customizable RGB lighting is also an excellent cherry on top for those who want to game with style.

    The Void Pro uses a mostly plastic design. This design choice allows Corsair to sell it at a more affordable price, but it does lack the premium heft and sturdiness that some high-end headsets provide.

    That being said, this also makes the Void Pro exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to wear. So, the pros evenly cancel out most of the cons in the design, in my opinion.

    Fortunately, it is only with the exterior of the headset that exclusively uses plastic material. Within the headset are metal pillars that improve upon its durability and flexibility.

    The more than adequate padding on both ear cups and headband also boosts overall comfort. This is designed for prolonged gaming sessions.

    This Corsair gaming headset is also available in several color variations. Customers can also choose between a wireless or wired version of the headset as some will undoubtedly prefer the audio stability of a wired version.

    This is not to state that the sound quality of the wireless version of the Corsair Void Pro is sub-par though, because it is most certainly not.

    The left ear can is where you can find the microphone. It can be adjusted to be raised when not in use. When in this position, the mic automatically goes into mute, which is an extremely convenient design choice.

    You can also find the power button and micro USB port on the left can of the Corsair Void Pro. Overall, it has a practical and convenient design that still captures the essence of the Corsair brand with its sharp appearance.


    With its use of memory foam and microfiber fabric on the ear pads, you can expect excellent comfort with the Corsair Void Pro. The trapezoid shape of the ear cups has a decent size and should completely cover the entirety of your ear within the edges.

    The adjustability of the headband provides excellent flexibility. The notch goes up to nine adjustments and should be able to fit wearers with moderate to larger sized heads correctly.

    That being said, a friend of mine who wore the Corsair Void Pro commented that it felt a bit loose on her head even at the tightest setting adjustment. Thus, I wouldn't recommend this headset for younger gamers or those who have a petite body frame.

    The padding is also evenly distributed along with the ear cups and headband, which will prevent any discomfort when wearing it for long periods.

    Audio and Microphone

    In its default setting, the Corsair Void Pro produces decent sound quality but does feel slightly rough around the edges for those with keen hearing. You will want to adjust the audio to suit your preference.

    The Corsair Void Pro can produce striking highs that offer a nice subtle touch. However, it does fall short of detail which is even more noticeable if you have used high-end models before. The sub-bass extension is also another high point of the Corsair Void Pro with its delectable booming audio.

    The mids range is where the Corsair Void Pro tends to fumble a bit as it can sometimes appear a bit muddled during hectic parts of the game. That being said, the Corsair Void Pro does allow for fine-tuning, which is a must for those who are nitpicky with their listening experience.

    While the Corsair Void Pro may require a bit of tweaking at first to optimize sound quality, it is in surround sound where it truly showcases its strengths. With a 7.1 surround sound capability, any game of choice will become massively more immersive.

    The soundstage offered by the Corsair Void Pro is massive. It perfectly emulates the experience of being in a room surrounded by speakers.

    Audio positioning is also on-point and will be of great help during intense online multiplayer shooters as you will have absolute spatial awareness at all times.

    Also, try it out when playing atmospheric FPS horror games like Alien: Isolation and the recently released Blair Witch game. Friendly warning: you might lose some sleep though.

    As stated earlier, you can customize audio with its EQ software. I do recommend leaving it in its default setting if you will be using the surround sound feature. Corsair seems to have optimized the Void Pro for that feature in particular.

    Notable Features

    The Corsair Void Pro features a convenient and easy-to-use voice prompt command. This feature is easily overlooked though, as you will need to go into the software options to find it.

    The headset has a wireless range of 40-feet (unobstructed). With walls in between, the range might go as low as half that distance; it is still a pretty good range.
    The equalizer software allows for the full customizability of audio quality.

    I do recommend sticking with the default setting if you plan on using the headset's surround sound capability. The equalizer also offers users with up to five customizable profiles.

    Controls are handled via a jog wheel that allows users to adjust volume, toggle surround sound, and switch through EQ profiles. Keep in mind that the Corsair Void Pro is designed for PC use/gaming. Most of its features are only available through PC running the CUE software.

    Battery life is a bit ho-hum. If you use the Void Pro with the RGB lights on, it can only clock in at 5 hours of battery life. With the lights off, you can push it to 16 hours.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Sleek design.
  • Great comfort.
  • Decent sound quality.
  • Amazing surround sound capability.
  • Cons:

  • Slight loose fit with smaller heads.
  • Sound leakage might be an issue.
  • Conclusion

    Overall, the Corsair Void Pro is a little rough around the edges. Based on the budget-friendly price and its excellent surround sound capability.

    I would say it is among the top under $100 wireless gaming headphones that you can get your hands on. With its convenient features (voice command, auto-mute, etc.) and decent sound quality.

    The Corsair Void Pro is an excellent entry-level option for PC gamers looking for a dependable gaming headphone that won't burn a hole in their pockets.

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