Cowin E7 Pro Review

At a Glance

The Corwin E7 Pro is the follow up to the original E7 headphones that improve upon several aspects of the already solid headset.

With an affordable price tag of under $100, it also features noise cancellation capabilities that will surely enhance your gaming experience.

Let's see how much of a different beast the E7 Pro is compared to the original Corwin E7 headset.

Right out of the box, you will notice that the Corwin E7 Pro appears to have an even sturdier can than its predecessor.

The Corwin E7 Pro pretty much comes with all the standard accessories such as USB cable and AUX cable.

It does come with an additional hard-shell case for transportation which should help protect your headphones when out on a trip.

Main Features

  • Active Noise Cancelling Technology
  • 45mm drivers
  • 30-hour battery life at full charge
  • Upgraded soft ear cushion
  • Design

    The Corwin E7 Pro incorporates a pretty standard headphone design with its round ear cans. The ear cans are quite large as well, which gives the E7 Pro a bulkier appearance.

    The earpads are made from faux leather material which is comfortable enough on the skin. However, prolonged use might make your ears feel a tad hot.

    The ear cups can also swivel 90 degrees which allows it to lay flat on your chest when worn around the neck.

    This is a necessary addition as the cans are considerably large. The headband also features the right amount of padding for added comfort.

    The impressive quality of the band is with its top-notch flexibility. We tried stretching as far as we can it managed to withstand and return to its original position with relative ease.

    The Corwin E7 still features a primarily plastic construction. It does feature a new brushed metal aesthetic which enhances its overall design to a more "premium" look.

    While the headset is made mostly out of plastic, it was still surprisingly weighty and feels like a high-end headset.

    All in all, the Corwin E7 Pro follows a more professional approach in regards to its appearance. There is nothing flashy about the E7 Pro's design, but this "no-nonsense" approach is one of its strong suits.


    Due to the Corwin E7 Pro's bulky appearance, I expected it to be rather heavy to wear. Fortunately, this is not the case, as the E7 Pro felt surprisingly comfortable to wear and felt snug.

    The ear cushions were large enough to cover my ears fully. The headband also offered sufficient give so that it won't feel as if you are in a vice grip.

    The exceptionally thick cushion of the ear pads was also quite comfortable. I did feel a bit sweaty after over an hour of gaming though.

    I would have preferred earpads with breathable fabric. While the E7 Pro distributed its weight evenly across the headband, it did cause some slightly noticeable unease after a while.

    I believe this has something to do with the ear cans adding significant weight to the headphone overall.

    This is something you should consider if you are planning on using gaming headphones for more than an hour each day.

    Overall, I would consider the Corwin E7 Pro to offer above-average comfort.

    It will initially feel exceptionally comfortable to wear, prolonged hours of gaming though it might provide a different tune for some users.

    Audio and Microphone

    The E7 Pro shows its improvements from its predecessor on where it counts, sound quality.

    The original Corwin E7 had a more contained sound which can sometimes deflate musical and sweeping moments in a game.

    The E7 Pro heard this complaint and delivered a more powerful sound quality with the E7 Pro.

    The audio balancing with the E7 Pro is present and accounted for. You won't experience one detail of the audio overpowering the rest, which is essential when creating an immersive gaming experience.

    The move from 40mm to 45mm drivers also provide a broader frequency response for a crisp and more vibrant sound experience.

    More the layman, the most noticeable improvement with the E7 pro is with its bass response quality. While the E7 left a booming bass that can sometimes feel muddled, the E7 Pro sharpens the bass quality for a significantly brighter sound.

    However, similar to the E7, the E7 Pro's weakness still lies with its mids. It is slightly better here though, but the mids still feel somewhat muffled at times. |

    But remember that this headset comes with active noise canceling technology at a considerably affordable price. With that in mind, the weaker mids are more acceptable.

    Notable Features

    The primary selling point of the Corwin E7 Pro is with its Active Noise Cancellation capability. While the E7 Pro's ANC is not on par with higher-end premium headphones, it still does a commendable job in this area.

    The headset can effectively cancel noises such as passing vehicles and your fan or air-conditioning's "humming" sound.

    Voices though will not be entirely stifled by the E7 Pro's ANC, which for me not an issue as I prefer hearing someone calling out to me.

    Another notable improvement here is that sound quality is untouched whether you have the ANC on or off.

    This is an issue with the first E7 as there is a noticeable dip in sound quality when you toggle the ANC on. Not the case with the E7 Pro.

    Also, an important feature to note is the battery life of the E7 Pro.

    I managed to squeeze around 27 hours of use on a single full charge which is pretty good, especially since the E7 Pro is using a more powerful 45mm driver. 

    As for Bluetooth connectivity, the E7 Pro uses Bluetooth 4.0 instead of the 4.2 version. This makes the affordable price tag reasonable.

    While it may not provide the same range as devices that sport the BT 4.2, the E7 Pro is still well-rounded when it comes to BT connectivity capability.


    • Impressive battery life.
    • Significant improvements in sound quality compared to the original Corwin E7 headset.
    • Robust Active Noise Cancellation technology.
    • Low sound leakage


    • Gets slightly hot during prolonged use.
    • Quite bulky when it comes to its design.
    • The microphone is pretty average.


    The Corwin E7 Pro delivers what it promises, which is being a step above its predecessor, the Corwin E7 headphone.

    It surpasses the original E7 on all fronts both in construction quality and sound quality. It offers decent ANC for canceling traffic noise as well, making this a suitable headphone during commutes.

    Overall, if you have a Corwin E7 headphone and are currently looking to upgrade to something equally budget-friendly, the E7 Pro is a practical and logical next step.

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