Cowin E8 Review

COWIN E8 is an over-ear wireless headphone that comes handy for all relevant activities. You can use it for watching movies, gaming, listening to your podcasts, or receiving both voice and video calls.

Like most headphones, it struggles in its capacity to deliver such quality sound better than its competitors.

Thus, it as well comes with its unique features defining the easy of its operation and why it is a must-have model for most interested parties. 

The E8 is an upgrade from the rest of COWIN headphone lines including the E7 Pro and the Cowin E7. This review irons out all facts and features associated with the COWIN E8.

It will give you a personal view and interpretation of its gaming for you to decide whether it is what you want or otherwise.

Product Description


Unlike the rest of the models in its brand category, the Cowin E8 bears a little buggy design. Its components, the headband, the ear cups, and pads are a bit bigger and pronounced than those of either E-7 or E7 Pro.

Out of its significant sized components, the black color COWIN E8 is a little bit cumbersome having to hold it over your head for an extended period. However, through this design, they seem more durable.


The COWIN E8 does not give such comfort as other high-end models do. First, it is bulky and hence cumbersome to have it on your head all day long. Also, people talk of its tight clamping, which seems to press hard on the ear.

This, however, varies from individual users – not everyone experiences this. To add on this is the non-cozy padding at the headband. It feels like it is some hard material pressing against your head all through.

Another comfort concern is breathability, which is never available in this model. Its ear cups tight fit with the padding and allow no air circulation. Such closure, therefore, makes it feel wholly uneasy putting the headphones for a bit longer time.

They cause fatigue to the ear comes and that alone withdraws your concentration on its sounds.
Compared to the rest of the models in its line, it is never any better comfort offering model.

But still, this does not mean that all its features are ineffective or inefficient.

It as well got more lucrative features that would make you overlook these disadvantages.


The Cowin E-8 offers such an average performance in terms of sound quality. It is more so favors those who prefer listening to bass sounds. Their bass comes consistently even at the mid-range level.

It offers such amazingly awesome sound balancing for bass, and if you like listening to bass-heavy-music, surely this will be an ultimate choice for you.

In-depth analysis of this bass, however, states different things altogether. The bass is a little hyped and sounds a little muddier – the tremble is not even. The middle range is even worse, clustered and overpowering.

The sound lacks details and thus does not feel excellent in the ear, especially when other frequencies get played.

The sound profile for Cowin E8 resembles precisely that of the E-7, except that it’s a little bit better balanced. Compared to the E-7 pro, however, the difference in the sound is quite noticeable.

The E-8 comes with a more pronounced lower mid-range as well as a less-pronounced lower-treble, thus introducing the heaviness in the bass.

Key Features and Specifications

Design: Comes with a bit bulky design composing of a bit heavy materials; metal, plastic, and leather. It comes with an internally integrated microphone, a tightly holding headband, and a control unit and connection ports.

Flexibility: It applies in two ways. Its structural design composes of flexible metal material which enables various manipulations. However, it is a flexible model in that it is used for a variety of activities; watching movies, gaming, receiving both voice and video calls, and listening to music.

Battery: It uses a high-quality rechargeable battery which comes with a considerably long life of up to 21 hours. However, like in the other models in its line of selection, its batteries need manual switching off when not in use to avoid continued draining and on when required for use.

Connectivity: In terms of connectivity range, this model is quite excellent – 50 ft when obstructed and 188 ft when not. Unlike the E7 Pro and E7, this model does not support the NFC. However, they work awesomely with Bluetooth connection.

They use noise cancellation technology, which is quite useful.


  • Cancels surrounding noise 
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Flexible


  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable

Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

Why should I buy?
If you like bass-music sounds ten it will be the very right one for you. It produces such noticeable bass frequencies that may be of preference to you.

Can as Use the COWIN E8 while charging?
Yes. It comes with a unique charging cable that you can use to connect to the power source and apply directly. However, too much cabling around your desk may not feel right. You should recharge your battery and use it later in its wireless mode.

Where can I buy?
This model is available with retailers dealing in Cowin headphone brands. You can either buy them online or shop for them in your nearby local shop.

Is the model compatible with all devices/OS?
COWIN E8 works compatibly with all devices so far except NFC.

Buying Note

As much as this may not be an excellent headphone of your choice, still you should not buy a counterfeit of it. One major defining characteristic of it is that it bears a sturdy make out of high quality relatively heavy materials.

You can always read previous customer reviews to get a feel of the product before you purchase it.

Final Remarks

From the above discussion, perhaps you have your genuine opinion about the headphone. If all its features and operation characteristics favor your use for it then do not hesitate, go for it.

Otherwise, still, other models in its line of selection exist and therefore you can consider them instead.

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