How Do I Choose Gaming Headset?

A good pair of gaming headphones offer a handy solution to all of your gaming audio needs. Some brands are so durable so you can use them for years without needing a replacement.

But with so many options in the market, how do you choose the perfect gaming headphones? We all know that not all headphones brands available in the market right now are worth purchasing.

If you’re having a tough time selecting an ideal pair of headphones, worry no more. In this article, we provide several tips on how to choose the perfect gaming headphones. Our goal is to ensure tha

How Do I Choose Gaming Headphones (Tips and Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide)

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a pair of gaming headphones;

1. Wired or Wireless

The type of connection provided by gaming headphones will largely affect your gaming lifestyle.

Gaming headphones can be either wired or wireless. Both connections do have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see how each type of headphones connections works.

  • Wired Gaming Headphones

As the name suggests, wired gaming headphones are headphones that use cables to connect them to a compatible audio source.

Usually, wired headphones have two main connection options; USB ports or 3.5mm Jacks.

If you’re considering purchasing wired gaming headphones, you should probably be aware of their benefits and drawbacks.

Wired headphones are relatively affordable compared to wireless ones.

Even though they are quite cheap, they do pack a variety of features that are designed to suit all your gaming needs. They are perfect for gamers who are on a strict budget.

The fact that wired headphones do not need to be changed means that you’ll ever have to worry about batteries running out in the middle of a gaming session.

Another advantage is that they are easy and convenient to use, especially since they are plug-and-play.

Plus the connections are always powerful and reliable since they don’t rely on wireless connections which can sometimes become unstable.

On the flipside, wired headphones are more prone to tangling compared to wireless headphones.

Usually, wired headphones come with lengthy connection cables which can often become tangled, making them hard to use and extremely prone to damage.

Because they are wired, it means they can only reach so far. This means that you’re restricted to one position- your gaming station.

Unless you’re using your laptop for gaming, you won’t be able to change your gaming position, like play on TV or the couch when you get bored of your gaming station.

Be sure to consider these factors before choosing a wired pair of gaming headphones

  • Wireless Gaming Headphones

As the name suggests, wireless headphones do not require the use of cables or wires.

To establish a connection to your PC or gaming console, these headphones either use Wireless USB dongles or Bluetooth Technology.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using wireless headphones is that they have less restriction, which means they can be used in any position during gaming.

You can even strike a conversation with your teammates while in the loo or fixing a sandwich in the kitchen.

Another major advantage is its Cross-Platform Compatibility. In simpler terms, it means that wireless gaming headphones will work with any gaming console or typically any device that supports wireless standards.

Although wireless headphones pose the risk of running out of battery power in the middle of a gaming session, there are newer models whose battery life is quite long. Often, these are the most expensive models.

Some models even offer a quick-charging battery feature that allows you to quickly charge the battery in just 15 minutes.

As far as the price is concerned, wireless gaming headphones can be expensive.

While they do offer all the most sought-after features for gaming, gamers on a strict budget may find wireless headphones a much better option.

2. Decide the Most Suitable Platform

Your gaming platform will affect your choice of gaming headphones.

The most common gaming platforms include Playstation 4, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Typically, headphones that feature 3.5mm connections are compatible with many platforms. They should work seamlessly across all these platforms.

NB: Because some consoles may not effectively support specific functions of certain gaming headphones models as they are dependent on certain software features. One of these features is Virtual Surround Sound.

3. Noise Cancellation

The Noise Cancellation of gaming headphones must be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

When selecting a pair of headphones, you’ll come across terms like Active Noise Cancellation and Passive Noise Cancellation.

Passive noise cancellation is a term used to describe headphones that block sound from external sources with its physical design.

Headphones that provide passive noise cancellation feature a closed-back design and generally provide a tight fit around the ears and head.

Active noise cancellation is a term that describes headphones that filter background noises for crisp clear and high-quality audio.

You’ll need headphones that offer the best of these two noise isolation features.

You’ll want the gaming sounds and calls you make with your teammates crisp clear, while at the same time preventing sounds from your gaming from interfering with those around you.

4. Sound Quality

The superior sound quality of gaming headphones will help you enjoy your gaming sessions by making sound queues like gunfire, footsteps, as well as scenario indicators crisp clear.

The sound quality of gaming headphones will be determined by drivers and surround sound.

Headphones with high precision drivers will deliver crisp and superior sound quality, including a fantastic bass surround sound.

Surround sound offers gamers a huge advantage by enhancing accurate and crisp omnidirectional hearing.

In this case, you’ll have to choose between Stereo, Virtual Surround, and 3 Dimensional Sound.

Stereo headphones basically pick up sound and distribute it over 2 audio channels.

A majority of stereo headphones feature a 3.5mm connection, which makes them compatible with wide range platforms and consoles. They are best suited for entertainment and music.

Virtual Surround Headphones, on the other hand, utilize software and specific algorithms to simulate 7 sound channels.

These headphones provide better sound clarity and the ability to hear from which direction sound is coming from, which means you can hear where your opponents are coming from.

3 Dimensional Sound headphones provide a more precise sound as sound goes through further processing through technologies like Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic.

They provide a more realistic listening experience, which means you can easily hear your opponents walking above or below you.

The only drawback with the 3 dimensional sound headphones is that it’s yet to be supported by all games.

5. Comfort

Gaming isn’t just something you sit down and get done in just an hour or so. It can take up to 12 hours, especially for professional gamers.

This means that the headphones you choose must be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

So what features make gaming headphones comfortable to wear? Well, there are various elements you should consider.

For example, the ear cups must offer a comfortable fit- they should not be too tight or too loose. The same goes for the headband.

If the headband and earcups are too tight, they might restrict blood flow and therefore cause headaches and fatigue.

Both the headband and earcups should be made of comfortable and breathable materials.

Some headphones are covered with either faux leather or fabric. They are filled with memory foam which allows them to conform to the shape of your head for added comfort.

The weight of gaming headphones will also play a huge part in their comfort. You want to choose a lightweight pair of headphones, not a heavy pair that will weigh your head down.

Heavier headphones are likely to cause headaches and fatigue, so you can’t use them for extended periods.

6. Open or Closed Design

Do you want headphones that have an open or closed design?

An open design means that the earcups do not completely cover your ears. This makes them highly breathable and comfortable.

The only drawback of this design is that sound may leak while playing games.

The closed design means that the ear cups completely cover your ears. You won’t hear any external noises- they completely shut out from the outside world.

Additionally, the headphones prevent sound leakage, so you are bound to enjoy more bass and crisp sounds.

On the flipside, headphones with a closed design can feel a little bit uncomfortable especially when you wear them for extended periods.

To avoid excess sweating, make sure the earcups are made with material that is highly breathable.

7. Microphone

As a gamer, you’ll need to communicate with your teammates in between sessions.

Headphones with good microphones provide better voice clarity through their excellent noise-cancellation feature.

Some headphones even allow you to adjust the noise isolation feature, meaning that you can easily mute external noises and background sounds for enhanced voice clarity.

8. Build Quality and Aesthetics

If you’re looking to invest a lot of money in a high-quality pair of gaming headphones, then you’ll need some assured that they will last many years of continuous use.

Your headphones choice should not only be comfortable but must also be constructed with high-grade materials.

Most popular headphones have a steel headband, a strong and durable plastic earcups construction, and premium faux leather covering.

There are so many cheap headphones that will easily break or wear after a short period of use. Consider investing more on a pair of headphones from a reputable brand.

9. Cost

The price of gaming headphones varies depending on the brand, model, and quality.

It’s a well-known fact that most cheap brands do not offer superior sound quality, comfort, or even durability.

Of course, your choice will depend on your set budget, but if you want something that will serve you for many years, consider going for a medium to high-range models.

How Do I Choose Gaming Headphones- Bottom Line

Choosing the right headphones can be such a hassle especially if you don’t know what to look for.

We all know that the best way to enhance your gaming experience is by using the best quality headphones.

Hopefully, you’re now in a better position to select the most suitable headphones to suit your audio gaming needs.

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