How to Connect Gaming Headset with PS4, Xbox, and PC

So you recently bought a gaming headset because you can wait to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience with better sound quality.

Well, you made the perfect decision for choosing to work with a pair of gaming headsets instead of using your regular music headphones.

It’s certainly going to be an exciting experience.

Usually, connecting gaming headsets to PS4, Xbox One, or PC is a simple and hassle-free process.

Just a few steps and you’re done in a few minutes. However, you may run into issues while trying to make a connection.

But don’t worry. That’s why we are here.

In this article, we will teach you how to connect your gaming headsets to a PC, PS4, and Xbox. This guide provides instructions for both wired and wireless headsets.

1.  How to Connect Gaming Headset to PS4

Typically, you can connect your gaming headset in two ways. One, you can connect it through the console and two, via the controller. This, of course, makes the process a little bit longer and complicated.

If your gaming headset has the standard 3.5mm audio-out plug-in, you’ll need to plug it into the bottom of your PS4 controller.

Make sure the jack has completely set in to avoid sound quality issues due to losing connections.

Next, navigate to the settings menu on your PS4 controller. Go to the Devices page and then select “Audio Devices.”

Simply explained, “Select “Settings”-select “Devices”- select “Audio Devices.”

Next, verify that the “Input and Output Device” indicates “Headset Connected to Controller.” If this option is not set automatically, you can simply change it manually.

With everything set, you’ll now be able to make adjustments to the Volume, Microphone Level, and the Output to the Headphones.

For the Output to the Headphones option, select “all audio.”

If you’re using a USB headset or connecting a dongle for your wireless pair of headsets, the procedure is pretty much the same.

Just follow the same instructions to connect your Bluetooth and wireless headsets to your PS4.

For wireless headsets, make sure the battery is charged and that the headsets are on. The connection may not be successful if the battery power is all drained.

You’re all set. Enjoy playing your favorite gamers on your PS4 with your new gaming headsets.

2.  How to Connect Gaming Headset to PC

The process of connecting your gaming headsets to your PC is pretty easy and straightforward.

If your gaming headset is wired with the standard 3.5 mm jack, you’ll need to connect it to your PC’s compatible 3.5mm audio output port.

On your desktop PC, the port is located either at the front or back of the CPU.

In most computer CPUs the headphone sets are usually colored green while the microphone port is colored pink. This makes it easy to differentiate them.

On your laptop, the 3.5mm audio output port can be found either on the front, left, or right of the lower part. Usually, the ports on laptops are not color-coded.

However, above each port is an image indicating what input device should be connected.

For example, the microphone port has a small image of a microphone right above it. The audio port will show a small image of headphones above it.

Next, plug in the headset into the suitable port on your PC. There are some gaming headsets that require to be connected to a power source in order to become functional.

Usually, such types of headsets have a USB connection. Simply plug the headsets into a power source.

  • Connecting your Bluetooth Gaming Headset to PC

That’s all. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to connect Bluetooth headsets, the process is a little bit different from that of wired headsets. It will also take much longer to complete due to the many steps involved.

That said, here is a step by step guide on how to connect your Bluetooth gaming headset to your PC.

  • Turn your headsets on. There is a power button located on one of the earcups.
    You need to ensure that the battery has a good amount of power in it or that it’s connected to a power source. This makes sure it stays connected throughout the entire process.

  • Next, click on the Windows Start logo (If you’re using a Windows PC). Next, open the “Settings.” In the settings page, click “Devices” and then click “Bluetooth &other devices.”

  • Next, switch Bluetooth on. This will allow you to pair your headsets and the PC

  • Right above the Bluetooth On/Off switch, you’ll see a section indicated as “Add Bluetooth or another device.” Click to add a new device.

  • Next, on your headsets, press the button labeled with the Bluetooth logo to initiate pairing.

  • The name of your gaming headset will appear on the screen.

  • Click “Pair.” This will prompt your PC to connect to your headsets.

  • You’re all set.

NB: In case your headset fails to appear on the PC's Bluetooth menu, you can turn the Bluetooth switch on your computer on/off to see if it fixes the issue.

3.  How to Connect Gaming Headset to Xbox One

The process of connecting your gaming headset to your Xbox One is hassle-free as well.

There are two main ways to connect the 3.5mm headset to the Xbox One. One, you can connect the 3.5mm jack to the headset connection for the Xbox controller.

The second option is connecting it indirectly through the stereo headset adapter that is connected to the controller.

To connect your 3.5mm headset to the Xbox controller, simply plug the headset jack into the headset socket on the controller.

Next, start the controller and head over to the “Settings.” In the settings, choose “Devices and Accessories.”

Here, you can adjust the sound and make other necessary changes.

If you’re using a wireless headset with a USB dongle or a wired USB headset, simply plug it into the controller.

As long as it’s compatible, it should be able to provide a seamless connection.

However, it’s important to note that the Xbox One controller will only support gaming headsets without the standard 3.5mm jack only if they are specifically designed for the console.

If purchasing a wired USB headset for your Xbox, make sure it's specifically designed to work with the console.

Otherwise, it probably won’t work, which can be a huge wastage of money.

Something else to keep in mind is that some wireless gaming headsets that are specifically made for the Xbox One can connect to the controller without a USB dongle or even a base station.

To connect the wireless headsets with the Xbox One, simply press and release the “connect” button located at the side of the console.

Next, hold the pairing button on the gaming headset for a number of seconds. On most headsets, the power button doubles as a pairing button.

When the pairing is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed on your television.

NB: If your wireless gaming headset uses connections like an optical cable, consider turning off the HDMI audio and instead set the optical audio to “Bitstream Out.”

  • Connecting the Headset to Xbox One via Adapter

Some older Xbox controllers do not have a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, then you’ll need to purchase a separate adapter.

Or you can just get the latest Xbox One controller to avoid any inconveniences.

If you already have the headset adapter, simply plug it into the expansion port of the Xbox controller.

Next, connect the headset’s 3.5mm audio plug to the headset adapter. Since the expansion port is also 3.5mm, it’s completely compatible with the headphone jack.

NB: It’s highly advisable to update the Xbox One’s firmware while the headset is still connected.

This will ensure that both the controller and the headset get the updates needed for optimal performance.

How to Troubleshoot your Gaming Headsets

If the connection between your headset and controller is not successful, the issue is most likely with the headsets.

Here are a few useful troubleshooting tips;

  • Turn both the headset and adapter off and then turn them off. Reconnect to the controller and see if the issue is fixed
  • If for some reason the headset does not pick up any sounds either from your games or voice calls, it’s possible that the headset is accidentally muted. Try to toggle the mute switch on the adapter. This may fix the problem
  • Check if the headset battery has enough power. Also, if the remaining charge on your controller is low, it may cause issues on your headset’s sound quality and microphone

How to Connect Gaming Headset with PS4, Xbox One, and PC- Bottom Line

There you go. Connecting your gaming headset with your Xbox One, PC, or PS4 is not as complicated as most gamers assume. You just need to grasp these easy to understand procedures and you’re good to go.

Enjoy your time playing your favorite games.

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