Hyperx Cloud Alpha Review – Is it good for Gaming?

The Hyperx Cloud Alpha headsets are quite possibly the best gaming headsets you’ll find in their surprisingly affordable price range.

Sporting a sturdy, visually appealing aluminum design, and a boatload of premium functionalities, the Cloud Alpha headsets have taken gaming to a whole new dimension.

The wired gaming headsets sound pretty good and design-wise, they look very much similar to the Cloud 11.

They are also as comfortable with a padded and adjustable headband as well as generous cushioning in the earcups.

And since they have a detachable mic, you can use them outside your gaming room as casual headphones.

That said, what makes the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headphones so popular among gamers? Well, let’s find out.

Below is a comprehensive review of the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headphones.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Review

1. Build, Design, and Style

The design and quality of the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headphones are not all that different from the company’s Cloud headsets. In fact, in most aspects, these headsets have a striking resemblance to the Cloud II headsets.

Perhaps the biggest design overhaul the Alpha headsets have received is their visually striking red metal band, matte black earcup shells with a plasticky build, as well as the sharp Hyperx logo.

There is also a slight design overhaul in the yokes and earcups.
As expected, the build quality is top-notch.

The matter plastic used to construct the earcups look and feel dense so they will endure tons of extensive use without getting damaged or reducing their functionality.

The earcups are surrounded by memory foam earpads that feel extremely soft and comfortable.

The earcups edges are then covered by high-quality and long-lasting faux-leather that won’t wear and tear even with extensive use.

As stated earlier, the headband’s sturdy aluminum construction is to ensure the headsets won’t break after just a few accidental drops.

Overall, with their solid metal headframe combined with premium plastic earbuds, you’ll certainly have no issues with the durability of these gaming headsets.

The headphone’s detachable mic makes them ideal for casual listening as well.

HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones are a little bit bulky, but not too bulky to cause extreme discomfort while wearing or carrying them.

They won’t exert too much pressure on your head, even while wearing them for extended periods.

The headphones are available in three main colors; Blue, Red, and Purple.

Overall, from the design, style to functionality, the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headphones depict what a pair of gaming headsets should be like.

It’s nice to see the Cloud Alpha headphones donning the same versatility and design as its Cloud predecessors.

2. Gaming Performance

Hyperx Cloud Alpha’s sound profile is one of the major reasons why it’s a top choice among gamers and casual listeners alike.

The headsets use the revolutionary Hyperx’s Dual Chamber Driver Technology.

This technology is primarily built to carefully separate the bass from the mids and highs, while at the same time delivering a much better audio performance with less distortion (even at the highest volumes).

With minimal distortion, the Alpha will comfortably handle all the crazily huge and bassy explosions and gunfire while letting you enjoy crisp clear background sounds.

The dual-chamber driver technology seems to also do a excellent job at range separation especially in those bassy and chaotic games like Overwatch where all the background noises can easily overwhelm some headphones.

The Cloud Alpha also makes it extremely easy to hear the enemies coming and of course, it’s one of the few headsets that never disappoint when it comes to balancing gun sounds and bassy explosions.

The headsets also include a detachable microphone that does a great job cancelling out all noises especially in noisy environments.

While the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headsets have one of the best audio performances in the gaming headsets industry, there is one more consideration to keep in mind.

Since the headsets do not have any inbuilt internal processing, the audio quality will, of course, be dependent on the input device.

For example, attaching the headsets to a computer with weak digital to analogue converters will have the sound quality muddy with lots of static distortions.

For this reason, ensure the input device you’re using has a stronger digital to analogue converter for maximum sound performance and less static interference.

Overall, if you’re dead-set on getting a pair of headsets with the best gaming audio performance, you could never go wrong with the popular Hyperx Cloud Alpha gaming headsets.

3. Microphone, Controls, and Connectivity

The Cloud Alpha headsets feature a wired connection that allows for volume control as well as microphone support for consoles.

The microphone does a great job delivering full, clear, and detailed audio in quiet environments. No static interference whatsoever.

In noisy environments, these headsets do an even better job isolating game sound and speech from all external distractions.

The headphones also have some pretty decent and easy-to-use controls. Included is an in-line remote control with an inbuilt potentiometer which allows for volume control.

The in-line remote control also houses a simple switch that lets you easily turn the microphone on/off.

While the controls are very straightforward, the headsets, unfortunately, lack mobile controls.

Most users will find this slightly disappointing as these gaming headphones can also be used for casual listening in the outdoors.

As for connectivity, these headsets do not have a Bluetooth connection as they are wired.

Of course, this shouldn’t be an issue since most wired gaming headsets have little to no latency thanks to the powerful wired connection.

This is one feature that makes the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headphones a great choice for not just gaming, but also watching movies.

4. Comfort, Fit, and Breathability

The Hyperx Cloud Alpha is quite comfortable thanks to its generous padding on the earcups and headband.

The solid metal headband is cushioned with some soft and cushy memory foam padding.

The ample padding ensures your head doesn’t take too much pressure and discomfort from long-term use.

Users have praised their comfortable design as they are able to game for countless hours without feeling any sort of discomfort.

The headband is covered in high quality and long-lasting faux leather so you can be sure it won’t wear off after just a couple of years.

The curved design also ensures that the headsets don’t clamp your head so they should be very comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions.

Although they are slightly loose on the head for comfort, these headsets provide a very much stable and secure fit.

They conform to the shape of your head and ears and won’t slide off at the slightest impact.

The earcups also hold very securely onto your ears and since they are quite big with ample padding, they won’t cause discomfort and fatigue from long gaming sessions.

The Cloud Alpha headsets may not be the most breathable gaming headsets due to their closed-back design that creates a solid seal around your ears.

This means there is a limited amount of airflow and your ears may, therefore, end up getting a little bit sweaty especially during long-term gaming sessions.

But this shouldn’t be a cause for worry since the seal is meant to prevent sound leakage.

What you should do to prevent the discomfort that comes with sweaty ears is take short breaks from time to time.

This should help cool down your ears while keeping the earcups dry and comfortable.

5. Storage and Portability

Like most headphones, the Cloud Alpha headsets are too big and bulky to carry around on your hands. The package includes a fancy pouch that you can use to safely store them.

Although the pouch will protect the headsets against minor scratches, they won’t offer the much-needed protection from accidental drops or water damage. A protective case is always a better choice.

What You May Not Like About the Hyperx Cloud Alpha Headsets

In a nutshell, the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headsets are some of the best performing gaming headsets you’ll ever find.

Honestly, other than the missing Bluetooth functionality (which is understandable) and the lack of mobile controls, there is nothing else to dislike about these headsets.

The headsets have quite a good number of favorable reviews and high-ratings so it’s easy to see why the Cloud Alpha is easily a leader in the gaming headsets industry.

The build is amazing, the comfort unrivaled, and most importantly, the audio quality is top-notch.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Headsets Review-Wrapping it Up

The Hyperx Cloud Alpha Headsets are perfectly tuned for gaming. With a booming base, well-defined mid-tones, and full, clear, and detailed audio, what more could you want in a gaming headset?

Coupled with the fact that these are some of the sturdiest and most comfortable headsets, it’s easy to see why most seasoned gamers are so excited.

The headphones look and feel premium, plus they are some of the cheapest gaming headsets you’ll find in the market.

Take your gaming to a whole new level with the revolutionary Hyper Cloud Alpha gaming headsets!

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