HyperX Cloud Flight Review

At a Glance

The HyperX has been in the business of developing quality gaming headphones for quite some time now. They have primarily produced wired headsets.

But with the shift towards wireless technology, it is no surprise that they started developing their own wireless headset. Enter, the HyperX Cloud Flight headphones.

As you would expect, the Cloud Flight brings all of the signature features of a HyperX headphone.

From top-notch comfort to excellent audio quality, the HyperX Cloud Flight comes loaded for bear. But, can it compete with longstanding manufacturers of wireless gaming headsets today?

Main Features


Wireless capability with long-lasting battery life


Detachable noise-cancellation microphone


Signature HyperX memory foam


​90° rotating ear cups with LED effects


Compatible with PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro


The Cloud Flight is HyperX's first entry into the wireless gaming headphone arena.

While it is their first foray into this particular area of the market, the Cloud Flight still comes with a pretty affordable price tag, as with most HyperX headphones.

In terms of design, the Flight follows a more straightforward approach with no significant embellishments added to the overall appearance.

This is a smart choice on the part of HyperX as they need to impress their customer base based on functionality rather than appearance with their first wireless outing.

The only noticeable design here is the red accent on the side as well as a nifty LED HyperX logo present on both ear cups.

The Cloud Flight features HyperX's signature red and black design but with a more conservative approach. 

The HyperX logo does pulsate with a dim red light which is a nice touch.

But other than this cool LED design, the frame and ear cup casing use a simple and ergonomic design.

Also, a returning feature in their wireless headphones is the detachable microphone. As with all HyperX headsets, the microphone features impeccable noise cancellation technology.

This is a must-have feature for online multiplayer games. The removable mic feature also allows the Cloud Flight to double as a casual wireless headphone for listening to music in public.

The Cloud Flight also features user-friendly functionality with its "plug and play" design.

The Cloud Flight comes with a USB dongle which is its wireless transmitter.

Plug it into the USB port on your PC or PS4, wait for it to complete its auto-setup, and you're done.

This headset also allows the user to opt for wired mode with its 4.5 feet 3.5mm audio jack.

The 3.5mm jack is compatible with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and various tablets and smartphones.

One complaint I have with the design is its use primarily of hard plastic material, except for the adjustable headband suspension.

Some similarly priced HyperX headphones come with a durable steel frame.

Is the wireless technology used here that much expensive to sacrifice the durable steel frame construction?


The HyperX Cloud Flight certainly nails down the comfort aspect down to the letter.

I wore this headphone during my commute from home to work, and vice versa. I also used it for my gaming marathon, which lasted for 5 hours.

I have to say; it barely caused any discomfort throughout that period.

Another outstanding feature I would like to point out with the Cloud Flight is its control layout.

Adjusting the volume and muting the mic is incredibly easy and streamlined.

There is a volume slider located on the right ear cup and a large microphone mute button over on the left ear cup.

This layout helps avoid fumbling over the controls during intense gameplay sessions.

The ear cups are also designed to rotate 90° so that it will lay flat on your chest when not in use.

This should provide better comfort when you are wearing the headphone around your neck.

Audio and Microphone

Within the ear cups are 50mm drivers which helps produce a larger soundstage. This will help deliver sound in a bursting and more significant quality.

Thus, making it perfect for games such as Call of Duty and atmospheric ones like Amnesia and Resident Evil 2 Remake (with Mr. X's ominous footsteps in the distance).

One crucial element of note is that while the Cloud Flight utilizes significant 50mm drivers, it does not come with surround sound features.

This is an understandable but exclusion but is certainly a missed opportunity for HyperX.

The HyperX Cloud Flight also excels with immersive and visceral games like Mortal Kombat 11.

Every bone cracked, ribs crushed, and splatter of viscera are produced in impressive detail.

This will also assist players during intense multiplayer battles in Call of Duty or Battlefield as you can hear even the slightest footsteps and pinpoint its direction.

You will also find the Cloud Flight's attention to detail improve games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

This is due to the game taking full advantage of the headphone's excellent spatial awareness capability.

As for the microphone quality, my friends online noticed some slight fuzziness from time to time, but overall, I managed to converse clearly with little to no issues. This headset will do with casual online gameplay sessions and streaming.

Notable Features

As this is a wireless headset, battery life will be one of the significant factors to consider before purchasing it.

In this regard, the HyperX Cloud Flight can operate for up to 30 hours with one full charge; this is if you turn off the LED feature.

If you prefer having the pulsating LED on, the battery life drops to around half at 13-18 hours.

This is still a pretty decent number though and should please streamers who would like to add more aesthetic flash during their sessions.


  • Maximum of 30-hour battery life (when LED is turned off)
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.
  • Excellent spatial audio awareness.
  • Easy to use control layout.
  • Above-average noise cancellation capability.


  • It does not allow for any audio software customization.
  • 90% made from hard plastic.
  • It does not support surround sound.


The HyperX Cloud Flight is an excellent first wireless headphone from the HyperX brand. While it does fall a bit short in some regards, it manages to balance it all out with reliable functionality and performance.

The lack of third-party software support means that PC users will not be able to customize its performance.

But for those who prefer convenience and reliability, the Cloud Flight is an excellent wireless gaming headset for beginners.

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