Jabra Elite Sport Review

Jabra is well reputed for its hands-free wireless headphones/earphones as well as speakers. 

One of their most revolutionary releases, the Jabra Elite Sport earphones, is a true depiction of what the company really stands for- superior sound, powerful connectivity, unmatched comfort, and so much more.

The Jabra Elite Sport truly wireless earphones are mainly designed for athletes as they are fitted with features like a Heart-Rate Monitor as well as an Activity Tracker. 

Plus the fact that they have a completely waterproof design further makes them an excellent choice for sports, workouts, and other vigorous activities.

The earphones are impressively stable, lightweight, breathable, and portable with easy-to-use controls. The battery life is decent and the build is quite sturdy.

That said, are the Jabra Elite Sport earphones really worth purchasing?
Do they stand a chance against their predecessors like the Elite 65t and top competitors?

Well, let’s find out. Below is an unbiased and comprehensive review of the Jabra Elite Sport earphones.

Jabra Elite Sport Earphones Review

1. Build Quality, Style, and Design

The Jabra Elite Sport earphones have a sleek, sporty, yet rugged design.

They are a little bit smaller compared to the Elite 65t, though they feel bulkier compared to some popular wireless designs.

At 4.72 x 1.75 x 7.09 in, they are really-small sized which might make them seem less likely to fit bigger ears.

But that shouldn’t be a cause for worry because Jabra has included 3 custom-fitting ear gels and foam tips that give you just the right amount of fit and stability as you run, workout, or basically engage in other vigorous activities.

The body is made with a plastic material that gives it its sleek appearance while minimizing the weight.

Although it’s easy to assume that a plastic construction isn’t durable, Jabra has used premium-quality plastic won’t cause them to break after just a few accidental drops.

The earphones are also rated IP-67 which makes them both sweat and water-resistant consecutively.

Whether you’re running on a rainy morning or doing vigorous exercise, these earphones will remain dry and comfortable. Plus the fact that they are breathable makes them all the more comfortable to wear during sports.

The design also includes two inbuilt microphones in both the right and left earbuds which make your conversations crisp clear while eliminating all the background noise.

Overall, for truly wireless earbuds, the Jabra Elite Sport’s design, build, sound, and style is quite impressive.

While it doesn’t look sturdy and durable enough due to its plastic construction, you’ll be surprised at how long these earphones can serve you under normal conditions.

2. Sound Quality, Noise-Cancellation, and Connectivity

The Jabra Elite Sport earphones deliver superior sound quality for an enhanced music listening experience.

Thanks to their 2-microphone system, calls are even clearer as the earphones only let your voice in while blocking all the external noise.

Their wireless connectivity is on another level. While connected to your phone, your audios are always crisp clear without any audio dropouts.

The earphones have integrated Bluetooth that lets you easily connect to compatible devices.

To personalize your sound profile, Jabra has included the innovative Jabra Sport Life app whose internal equalizer lets you easily customize and personalize your sound profiles and other settings.

Jabra Elite Sport earphones' in-ear precision Heart Rate Monitor seamlessly works with the Jabra app to allow you to easily track and monitor your heart rate and fitness activity.

The app also seamlessly works with the earphones to deliver real-time personalized audio coaching during sports or workouts.

You’ll also love the automatic rep counting, recovery advice, and race pace calculator provided by the Jabra Sport Life app.

As discussed earlier, the Elite Sport’s noise-cancellation is quite decent.

While making or taking calls, the two microphones integrated into the earbuds do a great job filtering out all external noise for maximum voice clarity and minimal disturbance.

If you prefer earphones that completely block out all the noises from your surroundings while enjoying music, the Jabra Elite Sport earphones are an excellent choice.

If you prefer to enjoy your favorite songs while still remaining conscious of what’s happening to your surroundings, the Jabra Sport lets you do so at the touch of a button- all thanks to their innovative HearThrough technology.

We all know that listening to your music during sports or workouts motivates you while making you feel relaxed at the same time.

With the Jabra Elite Sport earphones, you’ll never miss a single beat as you take your fitness to the next level!

3. Controls

The Jabra Elite Sport earphones have some pretty decent controls with an easy layout. The earphones provide all the necessary controls like volume buttons, call/music buttons, track-skipping, and more.

The right earbud houses the power/play/pause/ and calls button. It also includes a dedicated app button that lets you effortlessly track your heart rate and fitness level.

The power button also doubles as the HearThrough button that lets you listen to music or make calls while remaining conscious of your surroundings. Pressing and holding the power button also triggers Bluetooth pairing.

The left earbud, on the other hand, houses the volume control and track-skipping. Pressing the “+” button increases the volume while holding it skips to the next song.

To rewind tracks, simply hold the “-“ button which also doubles as the volume reducing button.

4. Fit and Comfort

Jabra is well known for its super comfortable earbuds and the Jabra Elite Sport earphones are no different.

First, the earbuds offer a pretty decent fit as the shape is designed to easily conform to your ears while providing a tight seal.

This is all thanks to their integrated foam tips that conform to the shape of your ears.

An even more secure and custom fit is provide by Eargels that help the earbuds “stick” to your ears while ensuring just the right amount of comfort.

The EarGels come in 3 different sizes, so you need to choose the right size for your ears. The perfect size will eliminate any potential discomfort from wearing too small or large a size.

Additionally, ear gels provide just the right amount of comfort all day long. No numbness or headaches from wearing the earphones for extended periods.

And when you run up and down during vigorous workouts or sports, you’ll never have to worry about the earphones falling off or accidentally getting lost.

As we stated earlier, the Jabra Elite Sport earphones are both sweat and water-resistant. Since they are primarily designed to be used in sports, this makes total sense.

You sweat a lot during workouts and sports, so it’s a good idea that you use sweat-resistant earphones like the Elite Sport.

Nobody wants to have their favorite earphones absorbing all the sweat as apart from expelling bad odors, the sweat can damage the internal functions with time.

Overall, the Jabra Elite Sport earphones are some of the best sports earphones that do not compromise on comfort or fit.

5. Battery Life

The Jabra Elite Sport lets you enjoy up to 4.5hours of continuous playtime, which isn’t all that bad.

Even better, the included portable charging case will give you an additional 2 full charges of up to 9 hours, which is truly convenient especially when you’re out in the field all day long.

Clearly, this should be enough to get you through the day.

The charge time is around 2 hours. There is also an automatic timer that shuts the earphones off after 1 hour of inactivity.

While an automatic timer is an excellent power-saving feature, waiting a whole hour to shut off will surely cause more power loss.

6. Storage and Portability

Unlike headphones, earphones are pretty easy to store. You can easily stash them into your pockets or gym bag. But since they are smaller in size, they can easily get lost.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to always stash them inside their protective hardshell case.

The case which doubles as a charging case is slightly larger than the earphones. It’s also flat and lightweight which means you can simply slide it into your pockets and you won’t even feel the extra weight.

It’s a pretty sturdy and tough case that will protect your precious earphones against minor damage from accidental falls, and because it’s also waterproof, your earphones will remain dry while not in use.

Jabra Elite Sport Review-Wrapping It Up

Jabra has made some solid improvements in the Jabra Elite Sport earphones and it’s quite evident from their quality build, sound quality, and luxurious comfort.

For a pair of earphones that are designed for use in sports, we couldn’t expect less.

Jabra has proven once again that you can still achieve great sound quality, exceptional noise-cancellation, and excellent connectivity from truly wireless earbuds.

So whether you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast who prefer earphones over headphones during workouts, the Jabra Elite Sport will have you work to your very core.

Plus the fact that they are a little bit cheaper compared to most competitors is a huge plus!

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