Logitech G Pro Headset Review – Is it best gaming headset.

The Logitech G pro provides a rare pattern of a gaming headset combined with the already available mechanical keyboard and mouse under the G pro moniker.

This feature has provided the gamer ease to make use of everything he needs without any discomfort.

Logitech G Pro Comfort

The G pro headset, unlike the cheaper headsets, is easily fitted between the customizable earcups and padded headband. Also, the steel bands can be extended due to its flexibility to fit around the ears.

This feature makes it easy to wear the G pro for endless hours without discomfort.

However, with so much effort to make the G pro comfortable for all seems impossible due to body size difference. For example, If a person has a tall or wide head, the headband might remain tight even after extending the steel band.

This occurrence is a warning to avoid any form of injury.

Headset Design

The Logitech G Pro headset has a design which is almost similar to the Logitech G433. It has a sophisticated industrial design paring hard angles with smooth curves and visible steel.

Unlike the Logitech which has a rough fabric all over it, Logitech G Pro is padded with faux leather that feels soft and comfortable. An additional set of microsuede ear pad is available in the box.

Our model is all black, different from the typical gamer look, with a blend of silver notes contrived in the G logo and the stainless steel headband extenders. The braided cable also reflects light in a silvery shine pattern.

The headband is made of semi-rough nylon that is flexible and feels reasonably durable to stretch to fit larger heads, especially with long sliders. The stainless steel sliders are well shaped to make it perfectly fitted. It is well built to withstand any damage.

The ear cups are made of soft, matte black plastic that feels nice. However, they pick up grease marks and fingerprints quickly. They’re held on with C-shaped arms that rotate about 100 degrees letting them lie flat on your chest.

It can also be pack away into a bag or open forward slightly so you can hear someone talking to you without completely removing the headset. The ear cups can rotate up and down as well to make it fit the wearers head.

Once fitted, the headset offers noticeable but not excessive clamping force large ear pads have wide, rectangular openings to fit even large ears easily. Its largeness and softness do an as good job of distributing the pressure for the prevention of minor discomfort.

The microphone is contrived to maintain a low-key gamer appearance and excellent build quality. It includes a small pop filter on end, and the arm is made of highly flexible metal for easy positioning

The only real drawback in the design is the in-line controls. On the cable, they’re quite high, with a volume wheel and mute switch, but the shirt clip of this product is tiny, and mostly useless unless you’ve prepared a breast pocket for yourself with a thin hem.

Luckily, the braided cable doesn’t introduce too much noise, and the in-line controls are small enough to be able to clip them.

Logitech headset Performance

The Logitech G Pro sound performance is of standard quality. While caught in PUBG’s red zone, the explosions are so tremendous that we swore they had just been patched to be louder.

The incredible feature of this headphone is the low-end punch that amps up the realism to make up well for the game physics of the vehicle.

Ripping up this product in Shadow of War and blowing up walls in Rainbow Six Siege all sounds great while playing. But we never feel like we are getting the type of pin-point positional audio surround-sound headphones to try to create.

We can get a sense of front, back, left and right in games, but aren’t always sure how far we need to turn to avoid our demise.

The headset detects sound easily than other headsets. The ear cups can be used to listen to loud noises comfortably. This feature makes for a soundstage that feels more open, which helped us distinguish between different sounds in busy game environments.

The force of the speaker drivers, together with the isolation, quickly drowns out loud external noises. And, the microphone does an excellent job of ignoring background noises as well, picking up our voice more than anything else. Barking orders and screams always come through clear for our teammates.

The Logitech G Pro is pleasant for listening to music. The bass shows in music, where it’s heavy and upfront. You can feel it giving your head a little rumble.

Drums most especially the kick and floor toms, shine clearly with the wide soundstage of the headset. When we realized how well they kicked, we threw on Daft Punk’s “Contact” to bask in the drum solo, and relax we did.

The great low-end performance is generally somewhat offset by our expectation as a tad softer tones at the mid-high and high ends of the spectrum of this product.

This act is partly because the powerful bass overwhelmed them at times. Nothing so sweet that we’d say we were dissatisfied though. Janelle Monáe came through silky smooth with Kevin Barnes in Of Montreal’s “Enemy Gene” despite the heavy bass.


The Logitech G Pro is definitely quality and reliable headset you should buy. Logitech products have gained a lot of good pro-gamer feedback in its design, and it seems that some pro gamers are tired of looking like a little shimmering cuttlefish.

It is a serious pair of headphones that commit every dollar to build and sound quality. The Logitech G Pro pretty much nails that.

The standard of sound quality has great effects. For instance, it produces a bass sound effect when listening to music, and this makes games more impactful. The soundstage created by the headphones is audible comfortable on the ears.

The comfort extends to the build as well, as we could play for hours in these and never get irritated.

Ultimately, the Logitech G Pro headset may be of average performance compared to competitors like the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition in some aspects.

But for gamers that want a reliable pair of headphones with their game for comfortable use both indoor and outdoor, Logitech G Pro headset is a suitable choice.

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