What Headsets do Pro Gamers Use? Wired or Wireless?

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What headsets do Pro Gamers use? Wired or wireless headsets?

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Well, the truth is, it depends on the pro gamer.

Gamers who play games exclusively at their gaming stations often prefer wired headsets.

However, this is not to say that all gamers who play games at their desks only use wired headsets- there are those that prefer wireless gaming headsets.

To pro gamers who use wired headsets, it's often more about the sound quality since it’s a well-known fact that wired headsets provide better audio quality.

Despite the fact that wired headsets do not offer these gamers the freedom to play games anywhere, they prefer to stick to them due to the superb sound quality they deliver.

Most don’t even mind the constant struggle of having to deal with the cables getting tangled all the time.

Additionally, with wired headsets, pro gamers generally avoid the hassle of recharging the battery all the time.

On the other hand, pro gamers who prefer wireless headsets over the wired ones do so because they appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and convenience they offer.

For example, a wireless headset allows you to play games on your TV. Given the distance between the TV and the couch, a wired headset’s cable could never extend that much.

These are just a few reasons why some pro gamers prefer wired headsets and other wireless ones.

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The preferences go beyond these few factors. In this article, we are going to discuss why certain gamers swear by wired headsets while others choose to stick with wireless headsets.

Why Do Some Pro Gamers Prefer Wired Headsets and Others Wireless Models?

1.  Wired Headsets vs Wireless Headsets- Sound Quality

Wired gaming headsets undoubtedly offer better audio quality than their wireless counterparts. This is mainly because unlike wireless models, wired headsets receive their audio frequency directly through the cable.

For this reason, sound travelling through a wired headset is clearer and less prone to interference.

It’s easy to see why a good number of pro gamers constantly swear by this audio equipment.

By making gaming sounds clearer, a good pair of gaming headsets with high-quality audio increases the chances of winning.

You see, when all the sounds from your games are being transmitted clearly, you’re likely to hear your enemies coming.

Modern headsets even feature the famous Surround Sound that makes it feel like the sounds are coming from different directions.

This means you can easily hear from which direction your enemies are coming from through their crisp clear foot noises.

You can even hear your enemies reloading their guns, allowing you to be more alert.

The ability to closely listen in on your enemies' approach will also help you warn your teammates while playing team-based games like Overwatch or CS: GO.

Besides the excellent sound quality, wired headsets are not prone to interference and latency like wireless headsets.

A lot of wireless headsets operate on the 2.4GHz radio waveband. This specific waveband is pretty much overcrowded as most gadgets at home use them, thus causing a lot of interference.

Common electronic devices that may cause interference on your wireless headsets include your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, baby monitor, microwave oven, LCD screen, wireless speakers, cameras, cordless phones, and so many more.

So for most gamers, wireless headsets may not be a good choice because of this.

NB: It’s important to note that not all wireless gaming headsets deliver poor audio quality with interference.

There are a lot more factors involved in the sound quality of wireless headsets.

For example, wireless headsets with high-quality drivers may offer superior sound quality- sometimes better than some wired models.

In fact, a $200 wireless gaming headset is likely to sound much better and have less interference than a $100 wired headset.

Of course, pro gamers who prefer wireless headsets do not mind the hefty price tag in these high-end models- as long as the sound quality is perfect.

2.  Freedom of Movement

The ability to play games elsewhere but on the gaming station is one factor that influences some pro gamers to choose wireless headsets over wired ones.

When you connect a wired headset to your PC, you’re practically stuck there throughout your gaming session, which can take hours on end.

If you ever get bored of staying in the same place all day/night, you have no other option but to suck it up.

While some gamers are comfortable with this situation, others prefer some flexibility and freedom of movement. For them, wireless headsets are a better option.

There is also the issue of wired headsets being more prone to tangling, especially those with longer cables.

While longer cables are a good idea, they can quickly get messy and even cause unforeseen damage.

For example, when you suddenly stand up from your gaming chair with the headsets still connected to your PC or laptop, they might get damaged or even cause your light laptop to fall.

You won’t face potential loss from damage, neither will you experience limited movement with your wireless headsets.

So again, it’s just a matter of preference. We cannot really say that all pro gamers use wired headsets or wireless ones coz that would be untrue. As you’ve seen, numerous factors come into play, which makes both options viable for most gamers.

3.  Wired Headsets vs Wireless Headsets-Battery Life

For pro gamers who use wired headsets, many will confidently tell you that having to recharge the battery in between gaming sessions doesn’t work for them.

While wireless headsets provide gamers with freedom of movement thanks to the battery and wireless connections, having the battery run out of charge in between sessions can be annoying and inconveniencing.

But then, this is not much of an issue since the battery life of each wireless headset varies from model to model.

There are those models that provide up to a day or more of continuous use, which means if you’re gaming for 8 hours straight, you can leave the battery to recharge overnight.

Pro gamers who use wireless headsets do appreciate a pair of headsets with longer battery life.

Some of these models can be expensive, but then, they get immense value for their money by gaming more and worrying less about recharging.

Wireless headsets also tend to be more portable and flexible since they don’t need to be connected to other devices like smartphones with cables.

This can be convenient for gamers looking to use them for running or for listening to music at the gym.

4.  Compatibility and Connection Type

Gamers who prefer wired headsets might argue that in addition to great sound quality, these headsets are also compatible with multiple devices.

Wired headsets typically connect through a 3.5mm jack or USB. This simply means that you can easily plug it directly to your console, PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, or even a laptop.

In the case of Mac users, it might be a good idea to choose headsets that are specifically designed for use with Apple devices.

However, for headsets with a USB connection, you may not be able to use them on your Smartphone. The most popular headsets use the 3.5mm jack as it is compatible with numerous devices.

Wireless headsets also offer excellent compatibility as most use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

In general, both headsets offer excellent compatibility; so again, it’s just a matter of preferences.

Perhaps we should mention that the ability to connect multiple devices at once while gaming is awesome.

Of course, this is only possible if using wireless headsets. Pro gamers who prefer wireless headsets appreciate the flexibility as they can even make conversations on their Smartphones hands-free.

5.  Price Difference

Again, how much a pro gamer decides to spend on a pair of headsets depends on the budget and important factors like sound quality, build quality, and of course, flexibility.

Pro gamers who are serious with their hobby won’t mind spending up to $300 for a pair of headsets.

It’s all about getting maximum value, which is what these high-end models offer in terms of sound quality, compatibility, battery life, and performance more.

Generally, wireless headsets cost more than wired headsets. But again, the price varies from model to model. You’ll find expensive wired headsets as well.

So again, it’s just a matter of preferences and the amount a gamer is willing to spend.

What Headsets do Pro Gamers Use? Wired or Wireless?- Bottom Line

Different pro gamers use different headsets as it’s always a matter of preference. Usually, what works for one gamer might not work for the other.

Truth be told, both wired and wireless headsets have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to conclude that one is better than the other.

Generally, gamers who place high-quality sound quality above all other headset features will ultimately go for wired headsets or those high-end wireless models that use superior drivers.

Gamers who are more concerned about their freedom, flexibility, and even portability will certainly choose wireless headsets over wired ones.

So if you’re wondering what headsets pro gamers use? There is no definitive answer to this. Your choice will also be largely dependent on your preferences.


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