Best running headphones and earbuds in 2022

While some sports require marginal movement, others like running, boxing and swimming demand continuity in the very word.

Such sports call for headphones that can stand buckets of sweat and deliver top-quality audio where music is the sort to inspire athletes. In this article, we uncover the best earbuds and headsets for running.

These have the stamina to withstand any other extreme sport you can think of.

Truly Wireless Earbuds For Running

Are wireless earbuds good for running?

If this question has been bothering you, we are here to put it to rest once and fall all. Don’t let the absence of wires or headband to keep the earbuds together threaten your peace of mind. These wireless earbuds have measures to keep you inspired during the race no matter how fast you run.

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

#1st Rated

The pain losing one earbud when you most need it is maddening; a fact well understood by Bose. The “Find my Buds” feature in Bose Connect App tells you where and when the last pairing for the lost bud happened.

If that doesn’t cut it, the audio signal from the headphones will alert you of their location!

Bose wireless headphones deliver quality clear sound for all your music, calls and voice assistance conversations as you run an extra mile. Only the right earbud is calls-enabled though, but there are a fair number of controls on the earbuds to keep your hands free.

These headphones ensure unbeatable comfort while you run courtesy of the angled nozzle and three different pairs of StayHear+ sport tips. These allow them to sit stable in your ear.

Should the audio signal fail to meet your demands, don’t blame your sweat for the mess; they are IPX4 sweatproof. Updating firmware does the magical healing.

Though they cost close to $200, Bose headphones deliver a total of 15 hours playtime and freedom of movement as you run.

Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth EarBuds To Run

#1st Rated

When a set of earbuds promise 6 hours playtime and customized comfort to spice the crisp clear inspiration from your upbeat tunes while running,

nothing should hold you back from winning. Samsung Galaxy Earbuds does that and much more for you.

The earbuds pair with more than your Samsung phones; Mac and PC are also invited to the party. The Bluetooth technology ensures 100% delivery of your calls and music as long as your chosen source maintains less than 10 meters distance.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Earbuds

#1st Rated

Anker Soundcore earbuds understand that perfecting a sprint can’t be rushed. That’s why they give you the liberty to practice all day long under the inspiration of the incredible sound of your favorite music.

With 12 hours playtime, cotton-like comfort courtesy of their lightness and customizable ear tips and ear wings, no matter how much you sweat during the race, these earbuds will not give up on you. Don’t fear to rinse them in running water after practice.

These earbuds allow you to share your music with a friend at break time. As for calls; you are assured of true-to-life conversations anywhere anytime. For less than $100, that’s a fair deal.

TREBLAB X5 – High-End Bluetooth Earbuds For Running

#1st Rated

Shutting all possible distraction in the surrounding during a long race is every runner’s dream. When turned up above 50% in volume,

Treblab X5’s expandable foam ear tips block external noises so you can drift to the winners-world and crush it. There are 6 ear tips and 3 wings to customize the earbuds to your best fit.

The earbuds deliver 6 hours playtime packed with true high-definition sound whether you are making calls, contacting Siri for errands or listening to music.

Should you run out of juice, the charging case has 4 additional charges for you. The earbuds are IPX4 rated so your practice won’t have to stop when the weather goes wicked.

Arespark True Wireless Buds Athlete Choice

#1st Rated

Though delivering only 3.5 hours playtime, Arespark Wireless earbuds outdo all others in this list on handling sweat and water. The earbuds’ IPX5 rating gives you the confidence to run in the rain or let your sweat have its way.

They guarantee deep bass and rich treble for your music, and clear calls courtesy of Bluetooth 5 technology. With three silicone ear-tips to customize the earbuds and compact design, they fit securely in your ears.

Their lightweight nature ensures that you keep your head in the track. For less than $50, that’s a cheat!

Can You Wear Headphones While Running?

The thought of heavy headphones hanging on your head during a hill repeat is insane. But these headphones are keen to accompany you as you sprint uphill and jog downhill without wearing you off.

Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

#1st Rated

While these headphones cost close to $200, they have cutting edge swipe controls for tracks, volume, play and pause just before the folding joint of the headband.

At first, you may not like the controls, but once you get the hang of it, addiction kicks in. The sound quality is equally great; somewhat bass-y but vibrant.

With 24 hours playtime, Monster headphones ensure that your ears and head are safe. You are looking at matchless ultra-soft ears and headband cushion. That doesn’t compromise on durability though; the headphones are sweat-resistant and keep their promise on longevity.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 On-Ear Sports Headphone

#1st Rated

While strength training at the gym ahead of a race, you may need to listen to your best music from a laptop and answer calls on your phone.

Plantronics headphones connect with up to 2 devices while pairing with up to 8.

They provide the right audio balance with deep rich bass and a whole lot of on-ear controls to allow you to listen to your music the way you love it. The wide-band microphone lets you answer calls and reach out to voice assistants when the need arises.

Plantronics headphones have memory foam on earcups and headband to provide unbeatable comfort. The former provide great noise isolation throughout the 18 hours playtime. Don’t let the sweat worry you; Plantronics uses P2i military-grade Nano coating for protection against sweat, moisture, and spills.

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Neckband Headphone

#1st Rated

While improving your time is the focus once on the tracks, unclear phone calls can cost you opportunities to grow your sport. 

Levin Wireless headphones enable noise-canceling whenever receiving calls and allow you to hear surrounding noises when listening to music. That way, you give focus to where it is due.

These headphones guarantee 12 hours playtime packed with Hi-Fi stereo sound and premium comfort from the soft foam-covered earpads. The built-in high-quality microphone allows you to answer calls, instruct Siri and talk to text. All these functions don’t require you to touch your phone; use the on-ear functions instead.

Levin headphones use behind the neck and ear frame design to lock them steady while you run. They are foldable to a small size, 100% sweat proof and cost less than $30.

Vermont Wireless Earphones

#1st Rated

The lighter you are during a marathon, the higher your possibility of cutting downtime. That shouldn’t mean losing your music. Vemont headphones spice your run with quality sound from your select-songs playing from an SD card or FM radio.

Weighing less than 42 grams and employing behind the neck and ears frame design allows you not to feel their presence and focus on the race.

Should you need to keep in touch with the world, the built-in microphone and Bluetooth 4.1 technology keep you connected. Though sweatproof, the earpads are non-replaceable hence need for extreme care.
Enjoy up to 4 hours of a phone-free run!

Besign SHO3 Wireless On-ear Headphones for Sports

#1st Rated

How often you need to recharge your headphones when unused is as important as its playtime. Besign Headphones deliver 25 hours playtime when charged to a maximum and hold the power for 600 hours

in case you need to back off from your sport a little. That explains why they don’t have any inline connection.

Using Bluetooth 4.1, you are guaranteed of skip-free high definition music and calls while well managing every drop of juice. The headphones fit well for most heads keeping them in place during sprints.

They weigh 85 grams, employ behind the neck and ears frame design, are sweatproof and have foldable arms to allow sitting in tiny spaces while at rest.

If you have come to the end of the list and are wondering why Beats headphones aren’t in this list, the true question should be, ‘Is sweat bad for Beats headphones?’

Beats make great headphones. But our research showed that the headphones above were able to withstand sweat better. Though crowned for having great bass, where longevity in the face of sweat, water spills and rain is concerned, Beats scores low. It’s unfortunate, but we need to keep only the true players in this game.

What Earbuds Are Good For Running?

In this category, we feature earbuds that tie behind your neck to keep them secure, use Bluetooth technology for connectivity and recharge using USB cables.

AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

#1st Rated

The Bluetooth 4.2 enabled headphones aren’t just about inspiring your race, but also keeping you safe.

They come with brilliant reflective strips you can stick on your clothes or shoes while running in the dark to increase your visibility.

Instead of using earmuffs or earbuds, they employ bone conduction technology that doesn’t require them to get in contact with your ears.

They sit right in front of your ears to deliver premium audio experiences using dual-noise canceling microphones so you can enjoy your upbeat music on the track undisturbed.

AfterShokz wireless headphones support Android, iOS, laptop among other Bluetooth enabled media sources. You are assured of 6 hours of inspiration as you engage in your race affairs.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds

#1st Rated

The gallons of sweat you produce during a series of negative splits aren’t easy for most of the earbuds to endure. But with Submarine-inspired IPX7 SweatGuard technology used to build Soundcore earbuds, managing that kind of sweat is blissful.

The earbuds take not just the wetness but the excess acidity that corrodes electronic circuit boards. 

They ensure top-notch clarity in your music; deep lows for inspiration when strength building and clear highs to keep up with the pace during the race. You have up to 8 hours to play your game before the buds run out of juice.

For your comfort and secure fitting, you are provided with small, medium, large and extra-large ear tips and 3 sets of ear wings.

Choosing the right set helps to isolate external noises so that you can focus on the task at hand. The ear hook holds earbuds in place while the cable clip reduces excess cable behind your neck during vigorous movement.
The lightweight earbuds are built for runners like you.

TRONIXTAR Wireless Earphones For Running

#1st Rated

TRONIXTAR earphones deliver real value for your money. The IPX7 rated earphones promise high fidelity studio sound and crystal clear calls wherever you go.

The integrated microphone is a champion among its competitors through the earphones cost way below $100.

They have easy-to-adjust flexible gel silicone ear hooks for your comfort throughout your workouts and race. Not to mentions up to 12 hours playtime from every 1.5 hours of recharge and 360 hours standby ability.

With only three buttons; answer calls, switch track and regulate volume, the active workout earphones prove easy to manipulate. You are assured of adequate noise reduction and unmatched Bluetooth connectivity throughout your affair.

Havit IPX5 Waterproof Earphones

#1st Rated

These super-lightweight earphones promise 10 hours playtime for every 2 hours recharge. That gives you powerful audio to inspire your race; crystal clear treble and enhanced bass stereo without fear of damage by sweat, dust or water.

Thanks to the waterproof smooth silicone gel that also protects your ear.

Havit earphones guarantee ergonomic comfort by letting you choose the best fitting ear tips and ear wings from the small and large sizes provided.

By choosing the right mix, you reduce external noise interfering with your music or calls. Built-in microphone plays its part in ensuring clarity while you respond to your callers.

The magnetized rear of your earbuds clings together when you aren’t using the headphones for safety purposes. This quality package costs less than $30.

Mpow IPX7 Bluetooth Magnetic Headphones

#1st Rated

While keeping the price below $30, Mpow headphones have the muscle to survive being immersed 1 meter underwater when the need arises.

That gives you the freedom to engage in intensive strength training without fear of breaking them with excess sweat.

Their ergonomic and fitness-focused design introduces earbud customization so you won’t have to worry about losing them while running. Adjust the buds for best comfort with any of the 3 ear fins and 4 ear tips. Don’t forget to arrest excess cable behind your neck with the cable clip.

You have up to 9 hours packed with well-balanced high fidelity stereo sound whether listening to music or making calls. Your callers will enjoy crystal clear conversations courtesy of built-in noise-canceling microphone at your service.

Moko Wireless Neckband Headphones for Running

#1st Rated

While delivering 9 hours of high-quality music and crystal clear calls, Moko headphones resist interruption by sweat or water so you can stay charged throughout the practice. They are IPX5 rated.

The headphones allow you to customize earbuds to suit your ear canal with the three different sizes of ear tips and ear wings. This locks out unnecessary external noise.

The comfort is further enhanced by the flex cable granting you the freedom to create the way you want to wear them. Weighing only 13.6 grams, you won’t notice their presence.

To prevent losing the headphones when not in use, connect the earbuds by their magnetically-charged rear tips to make a fancy necklace!

Bose SoundSport Bluetooth headphones

#1st Rated

To access the high-quality audio experience during a tempo run, Bose wireless headphones use StayHear+ ear tips that draw you closer to your music.

The ultra-lightweight headphones keep all affairs wireless; from answering calls, regulating volume to changing tracks.

Whether you are toning muscles or doing the actual sprint, Bose knows how to handle your sweat so you can focus on your sport. You have up to 6 hours to immerse yourself in the inspiration of your music and answer occasional calls; all hands-free.

Best Collection of Wired Earbuds for running

While most wired earbuds are left for in-house use, the following have endured the wrath of sweat and come out victorious. Worth noting, they replace Bluetooth technology with wires and embrace universal compatibility where source devices are concerned.

Avantree TR509 Secure Fit Waterproof Earphones

#1st Rated

While many earphones claim to survive underwater, Avantree Earphones keep that promise. The IPX7 waterproof designed earphones come with water sports earbuds built for underwater sports and the ordinary for regular use.

The former can also be used when running to prevent excess sweat from damaging the headphones.

Since they are not audiophile-grade, you need the best-fitting earbuds to deliver adequate bass and highs that won’t leave you worn out. That kicks out unnecessary ambient noise from your immersive experience.

The earphones deliver unbeatable comfort courtesy of the soft silicone ear hooks designed to sit securely throughout the race. Avantree earphones come with a 40cm cord, enough to connect to your head-mounted MP3 player. Should you want to listen to your music from your pocketed or hand-stripped phone, add the 80cm extension cord provided.

Once done with your track business, soak the earphones in clean water for about 30 minutes to wash off your sweat, shake off excess water and dry them before storing away. That will add many days to their life!

Parasom M2 PH Magnetic In-ear Stereo Earphones

#1st Rated

When it comes to variety in search for comfort, Parasom earphones stand unthreatened.

You can either use the best fitting ear tips to keep the earbuds in place, ear cushions or over-the-ear hooks.

Once in place, the earphones deliver high fidelity stereo sound of your music to shut out the discouraging hiss from your arching muscles. Expect some heavy bass and crystal clear treble.

Being wired, these earbuds have 3-button in-line remote that helps skip to the best song for each race, regulate the volume and receive calls from your coach!

While not in use, wear the earphones like a necklace by sticking the rear bits of the buds together with their magnets. Weighing only 18 grams, you won’t even notice these buds presence.

ROVKING Earhook Sports Headphones

#1st Rated

While most headphone manufacturers cater for medium-sized ears, ROVKING headphones are built for small-eared athletes.

The sweatproof headphones sit securely in your ears delivering balanced audio while playing music and answering calls.

They are equipped with a high-quality microphone to ensure that your callers receive your message. With in-line remote, you can answer, end or reject calls, play or pause music, skip to the next or previous song or link up with Siri for shopping.

ROVKING headphones are built with flexible ear-shaped memorized ear-hooks keeping them in place while you run. The shirt clip provided holds the cable on your shirt to prevent dangling. The ergonomic design of the earbuds keeps them in place no matter how much you sweat or move.

Should you need a bigger earpiece, choose from the 4 provided. The best fit reduces external noises all the time.

There’s no reason why you should pay more than you ought to when seeking top-notch inspiration delivery. The best earbuds and headphone for the running list is well researched to save you the agony.

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