Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset Review

Why do you still insist on your backdated, inferior sounding headsets?

Catch up with the pace. Your gaming experience should never remain the same; it is quite dull. Have you ever heard of Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset before?

Well, as its name describe it already, it is such a top-notch gaming asset that which you shouldn’t miss. It produces top-quality sounds which fully indulge you into the game mood.

If gunshots, you will not only hear the sound but feel it as well. If it is one's footstep the same, its entire sound production quality goes beyond clear and never tires the ear.

In this page, we are going to look at more facts about the Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset to make you understand why we refer to it as a ‘must-have’ gaming tool.

Product Description


The Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset is a rocking design every gamer would want to test out let alone having it forever. It is all a combination of superior technology bringing convenience, efficiency, and above all high performance. The five stars rated headset comes in black colour design with spectacular operation features all attributing to its high-quality sound production.

Its on-look appearance is a robust make involving a high-quality plastic material as its skeleton structure and comfortable ear padding. It has an extending microphone structure attached to its left ear cup. However, it is flexible and can change position to vertical upward position when you go off air. It has adjustable head which clams well on different head sizes as it is highly adaptable.

The headphone comes with overhead padding, which ensures you feel comfortable long while using it. All these physical features plus its high-performance capability makes it a must-have model for your gaming.


Right from its classy, robust design, it looks like a great performer. The Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset comes with Sennheiser quality speakers which delivers nothing but an excellent acoustic performance matching up all games.

Covering the speakers from the inside are the CircleFlex ear cups with soft paddings. Their technological design ensures they cancel all the surrounding noises making you focus only on your game sounds.

Its microphone operates in a more automated way. You only need to raise its boom arm and have it active. For quick access, this headset model bears a volume adjustment control on its right ear cup, which functions quite effectively. The totality of its functions makes it an amazingly excellent performer that will add a tone to your gaming.

Key Features and Specifications

Spacious sound field: The audio technology in the Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset is such amazingly awesome. The headset uses the 7.1 channel surround sound technology powered by both Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Headphone. Thus, its effectiveness goes beyond just producing any sound but quality one.

Noise Cancelling Technology: This is one of its most superior features, making it a pro model. Its ear cup padding ensures no surrounding noises interferes with your game’s sound. Also, its microphone bears such quality of noise cancellation hence your gaming partners won’t hear any background noises when you speak but only your clear voice.

Soft-padded ear cups: The Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset comes with a CircleFlex ear cups padded with soft, cozy material which your ears remain comfortable. They do not press hard down to your ears either but softly yet still cancels all the surrounding noises.

Suitable for long gaming: If you are to play all day and night long, then this would be your best headset. It bears an open-acoustic design which keeps one’s head relaxed despite the long hours one has them over their head.

Intuitive design: Its control systems are all adequately integrated position wise to ensure easy access. Its volume control unit is in the right ear cup and is so smooth to adjust.

Automatic Operated microphone: Managing the operations of its mic is quite easy. By only raising its boom arm it automatically mutes. Doing the exact opposite bring it back on air.

Superb Sennheiser Performance: This headset is such an elaborate performer which allows broad range compatibility. It delivers such an excellent acoustic performance in all games you play.


  • High performer
  • Easy to operate
  • Uses noise-canceling technology
  • Awesome fit
  • Comfortable
  • Cons

    • Uncomfortable
    • Non-durable

    Frequently Asked And Answered Questions

    Which games can I play with Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset?

    You can play all games types, XBOX, PS4, PC and any you’ve got. This headset is such compatible and works efficiently with any.

    How effective is its 7.1 channel sound?

    This model operates with Dolby ProLogic IIx technologies and Dolby Headphone, which all contributes to its astounding sound. It brings more reality into your game by adding sound flavor.

    Where can I buy?

    You will always find original versions of this model with reliable suppliers. Also, you can choose to order online. Note to place your order only to a dependable shop as well.

    Buying advice

    Where and how to find an original model of Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset is never hard. Only one major thing to remember is that you should only trust product from known suppliers.

    It is mostly through them that you will get your warranty information for this product. Other people may be fraudsters.


    Taking your gaming to the next level needs such powerful asset like the Sennheiser PC 323D Gaming Headset.

    It is an exact make suitable for not only gaming but handling other staff like video conferring. Its esteemed features, automated microphone, quality padding, easy volume control among others makes it an outstanding model better than the rest.

    This model represents the original sounds and takes away your mind into the game you are playing.

    Its supper quality speakers produce well-equalized sounds which enhances your performance in all games you play. It is such a highly recommendable model any gamer shouldn’t miss.

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