1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review (Gamer’s Choice)

A good quality pair of headphones is all you need to disconnect from the rest of the world and just enjoy your favorite songs, listen to audiobooks, or even podcasts. If you’re looking for an upgrade that offers the superior sound quality, built-in comfort, and durability, then you’ll absolutely love the 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones.

In this article, you’ll learn why this special pair of headphones beats most brands in the market in terms of sound, quality, design and more.

1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review

The Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones are some of the best sounding, ultra-comfortable, and feature-rich headphones you can find. While they cost a little more compared to most brands, the kind of performance they offer is truly admirable.

These are your perfect companion for commuting, working out, traveling, or doing general household work.

Features and Performance

1. Extraordinary Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones is out of this world. While most over-ear headphone manufacturers integrate just a single driver which in turn gives a poor sound quality output, Triple Headphones combines:

  • An Audiophile Grade Graphene Driver that delivers crystal clear sound quality with full range definition
  • A Ceramic Tweeter that allows for faster response times while creating crystal clear high-range harmonics
  • A Bass Reflector that improves sound quality and frequency by enforcing bass and depth

And oh, these impressive sound pieces have been tuned to perfection by none other than Luca Bignardi, a Grammy-winning sound engineer. Just how awesome is that? Expect to enjoy a fully balanced and precise soundstage.

2. Designed for Luxurious Comfort

  • We all know how uncomfortable it can get when one wears ill-fitting headphones for extended periods. Yes, right, numbness, some pain, and extreme fatigue in the ears from too much pressure exerted on your head and ears.
  • If you’re the kind of person who wears headphones for longer periods, then you’ll want to invest in a properly designed and comfortable pair of headphones like the Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones.
  • The adjustable headband is constructed with stainless steel and cushioned with super soft and plush leather for ultimate comfort and durability. In fact, the headphones’ inner headband uses ‘intelligent groves” which help reduce pressure which would otherwise cause too much discomfort and numbness. The headband is also breathable which makes them sweat resistant while being extra comfortable.
  • The rotating ear cups are also constructed with comfy yet long-lasting leather. The complete package is designed to ensure a comfortable fit as it easily conforms to your head and ears.
  • Wear these headphones for extended periods without worrying about numbness, fatigue, or headaches.

3. Durable and Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Design

  • The Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones ensure a more guaranteed lifespan, all thanks to their sturdy and highly durable Aluminum Alloy design construction. They probably won’t crack or get damaged after a fall or minor hit.
  • But still, good care and maintenance are needed to ensure continued use.
  • The aluminum alloy design makes these headphones not only durable and sturdy but also prevents visible fingerprints from messing up the surface.
  • And of course, the aluminum alloy design gives it a cool, sleek appearance that will surely match your taste.

4. Detachable Cable

  • The Triple Driver Headphones also feature a durable detachable audiophile-grade oxygen-free copper wire that delivers a precise sound quality. Unlike low-quality headphone wire, this wire does not tangle and lasts longer as it's covered in a Kevlar core braided sheath.
  • The cable measures 1.35m which is quite convenient if you’re connecting it to a device that is a little bit further from you.

5. Ideal Headphones for Travel

  • If you’re looking to purchase headphones for traveling, the Triple Driver headphones are some of the quietest headphones you’ll find. The ear cups are noise isolating thanks to their closed-back design that totally prevents sound from escaping. At the same time, these ear cups naturally make your surroundings quiet- it’s like you’re lost in your own world!
  • And that’s only one feature that makes these headphones ideal for travel. Their collapsible design allows you to easily stash it nicely into the included Deluxe traveling case and then into your traveling case. You can rotate the ear cups inward at 45 degrees or fold them for hassle-free storage.
  • And given that they are extremely lightweight with a collapsible design, they won’t take up much of your space or weigh you down.


  • Offers great sound precision, quality, and exceptional deep bass that you won’t find in most headphones
  • Includes three drivers which when combined produce a hyper-realistic sound
  • Built-to-last, thanks to its durable and sturdy aluminum alloy construction and design
  • Designed for exceptional comfort, thanks to its leather cushioned headband and ear cups. You’ll never experience numbness of fatigue from listening to music for extended periods of time. Plus the headphones perfectly conform to your head and ears for a perfect fit
  • Perfect headphones for travel thanks to their collapsible design that allows for easy storage. Plus the closed-back design of the ear cups ensure the sound remains confined within your ears so you won’t disturb other travelers sitting close to you
  • Tuned to perfection by Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi
  • Oxygen-free copper wire delivers crystal clear Hi-Fi sound
  • Durable, sleek, and finger-print resistant
  • Suitable for all kinds of music genres
  • Within an affordable price range
  • 1 Year Warranty against craftsmanship and defects in materials


  • Just a tiny bit more expensive than some brands- but hey, they are totally worth the price is given their performance and quality

Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review-Verdict

Overall, for the price, the headphones offer so much more than you’ll probably bargain for. The sound quality is superb and the added comfort is undoubtedly a huge bonus given that most manufacturers don’t take the comfort of headphones users into consideration. The majority are only focused on the sound, which is pretty sad and unfair.

Like we stated earlier, these headphones are such a bargain especially since most of the features and quality construction match those of high-end models.

Overall, the Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones are a great choice for those looking for better sound and extended use without having to worry about headaches or hurting your head or ears.

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