10 Best True Wireless Earbuds For 2019

The same rules you use while relaying top secrets to your lover apply for truly wireless earbuds; whispering into your ear without leaving traces of discomfort in the canal.

The best, deliver crisp notes to your unique taste without shocking your system.

Speaking of taste, regardless of uniqueness, there are specific features to watch while analyzing true wireless for the best pick.

Of course, it’s important to know whether you can get a replacement in case one piece of the set broke or got lost. And yes, you may want the earbuds in your favorite colors.

But when it comes to price, it’s a non-issue. You can now buy a set for $3000, $300 or $30; let your pocket speak its language of choice.

These three features spell out the difference between a bad joke and the top wireless earbuds in the market.


Have you heard the song, “You make me feel like a natural woman” by the late Aretha Franklin?
Ask no less from the best wireless earbuds.

Friendliness is first defined by the comfort you experience upon wearing your earbuds. That explains their shape, size, and provision of various sizes of ear tips.

Do they fit and feel light enough that you almost don’t notice them?

It also calls for the way they deliver all sounds whether listening to an audiobook, music or phone call; is it smooth enough to match your taste?

Wearing earbuds shouldn’t force you to downgrade your lifestyle; it should spice up your workout, office, and relaxing time. Find out if they are water, sweat, and dust resistance before you take them home.

Battery life

If listening to music while performing a repetitive outdoor activity inspires productivity, then your best wireless earbuds should support you for the required time.

On average, most earbuds last around 4 hours. Some crazy brands have the guts to last 6 hours while the lazy team does 2.5 hours.

If your cash can’t command longer hours, be humble, and keep the volume on your earbuds below 50%. Besides, it’s safer for your ears.

On-ear controls

How would you like to raise or lower the volume, skip or stop the music, answer, reject or drop phone calls with a light touch on the earbud?

Whether you are listening to music from your laptop, TV, or phone, it’s tedious to keep running back to the paired device to do any of the above. The best earbuds have most of the functions taken care of by one on-ear button.

Some earbuds use voice commands to consult with voice assistants, living your hands to attend to more important duties.

The good thing about technology, it gets better, lighter, and cheaper every day. The bulky wireless headphones that trended last year are today’s history or worse. It’s time to ditch such and their relatives.

Reviews for the Top 10 True Wireless Earphones

Pasonomi Bluetooth Earbuds For Workout With Mic

PRO: Waterproof with great backup power.

Pasonomi Earbuds come with 6 different sizes of ear caps to suit your ear size. They are small, almost invisible, and comfortable to wear for hours while delivering high-quality immersive sound.

They have 4 hours playtime, and the charging case allows you to recharge for 18 additional times. You can even recharge your phone with it. To keep vigil for longer, use one earpiece at a time, charging it takes about one hour.

Being waterproof makes these earbuds your greatest travel and workout companion while touchpad control and built-in microphone allow you to pick calls even when in the shower.

Are you worried about connection problems? The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 to keep you connected and clear all the time.

CON: Not so good when making phone calls.

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AMINY U-Winner 5.0 Bluetooth Earbuds For Android

PRO: Earbuds recharge in 40 minutes tops

Coming at a very fair price, U-Winner earbuds deliver 4 hours playtime when full while the charging case reserves 5 additional recharge sessions.

Plug the lightweight buds in your ears and enjoy immersive deep-toned notes with the outstanding treble.

You have the freedom to leave your phone up to 33 feet away as you work around your base.
The earbuds begin pairing with the last device used once outside the charging case and are ready for use in less than 2 minutes.

CON: On-ear control doesn’t allow going back to the previous song.

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Kaneye F9 Truly Wireless Bass Earbuds

PRO: Small, powerful but affordable

Armed with unparalleled connectivity courtesy of Bluetooth 5.0, Kaneye Earbuds locks out noise from the outer world to deliver your desired music in deep bass for 3 hours non-stop!

5.0, Kaneye Earbuds locks out noise from the outer world to deliver your desired music in deep bass for 3 hours non-stop!

The earbuds come with a touch-sense control pad to manipulate between your music, phone calls, and voice assistant.

A tap to play or pause the music as well as answer or hang up a call and a 2-second hold to reject one. Holding down the touchpad for at least 3 seconds activates voice assistant; Google, Bixby or Siri depending on the paired device settings.

iOs, Android, and Windows devices are invited to the one-step pairing party.

CONS: Chances of turning off your music while repositioning the earbuds in your ear are very high.

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Rademax P10 Best Sounding Earbuds For Running

PRO: 20 times additional recharge

Whether you’re into cycling, running or yoga, with Rademax earbuds, you are assured of 3.5 hours of continuous music; high fidelity sound with low latency.

The lightweight earbuds come with 4 ear tips allowing you to wear your exact size. They are waterproof and connect with your device of choice in one step.

Should you want to share your music or call with your bestie, pass on one earbud to them and let them join in the party!

You will never have to worry about power; Rademax charging case recharges your earbuds for over 30 times and acts as your phone’s emergency power bank.

CONS: Being water resistant, the earbuds don’t have buttons. You must put them back into the charging case when not using them or they will get power depleted soon.

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Linklike Classic 8 Noise Cancelling Earbuds With Mic

PRO: 5 hours playtime with remarkable noise cancellation

Linklike Classic 8 understands the meaning of multifunctioning. With one button, you can play, pause or skip through your playlist.

The same button allows you to answer, hang up or reject incoming calls.

You are assured of quick pairing, strong connectivity, and clear communication courtesy of their dual built-in microphone.

The charging case allows you to recharge your earbuds 6 additional times, keeping you entertained for longer.

Linklike earbuds are sweat and dust resistant and have a comforting grip on your ear surface; they come with 5 extra pairs of ear tips to give you variety.

CONS: Adjusting volume is done on the paired device, not earbuds.

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MEES T1 Stereo in Ear Headphones for Android and Iphone

PRO: Microphone offers top-notch clarity

Need to make calls in a noisy neighborhood?

No sweat. MEES T1 earbuds ensure matchless back and forth communication while shutting out the rest of the world whether you are at the train station or gym.

They have up to 33 feet transmission distance and are waterproof. If you fear to lose them when the going gets sweaty, don’t; try out the large, medium, and small ear tips for the best fit.

CON: offers up to 2.5 hours playback time; too low as compared to their competitors.

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Jabra Elite 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Earbuds

PRO: Unique 4-microphone technology for crystal clear conversations

Besides the outward beauty, Jabra Elite 65t is engineered to deliver crisp conversations during phone calls with outstanding noise reduction.

Its customizable equalizer on Jabra Sound + app allows you to set your music to your preferred taste and enjoy it for 5 hours non-stop.

The third generation wire free earbuds guarantee flawless connection keeping your music and calls going for as long as you wish.

Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant are accessible through voice command.

CON: Charging case allows only 2 additional recharge sessions; too few for its class and cost.

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TREBLAB X5 – Advanced Sports Earbuds Recommended For Running and Workout

PRO: Designed with secure X-drop fins for all ears sizes

From the word go, Treblab X5 is shaped for sport and workouts; it has an elongated microphone, well-balanced sound to allow undisturbed calls and is water resistant.

It pairs with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and connects with several voice assistants.
This easy-to-pair, perfect gym partner gives you 6 hours playtime and 4 additional recharging sessions from the charging case.

CON: Uses Bluetooth 4.2 hence low coverage and poor reception in the presence of solid obstacles between you and the paired device.

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FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds

PRO: Pretty, petite, premium power

Though priced at less than $30, FocusPower F10 gives earbuds gives you up to 6 hours playtime and need only 30 minutes to recharge to maximum once depleted.

The set comes with 3 ear tips, USB charger and connects with paired devices 33 feet away.

If you are into music, audiobooks and podcasts expect crisp sound even on low volume; you can wear any earbud in whichever ear you choose, it doesn’t matter.

CON: Sound quality when making phone calls is far from good and may need replacement in less than one year.

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Letsfit Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds With Mic


PRO: High-fidelity sound with great noise cancellation at very low cost

Like its name, Letsfit earbuds bring you unparalleled comfort regardless of the activity at hand. The set comes with 6 ear tips, built-in microphone, has great connectivity and is water resistant.

You’re assured of 3 hours playtime, up to 3 additional recharge sessions while using them in stereo mode. Mono mode lasts even longer.

CON: Unlike other earbuds, left earbud is the master.

Not so long after the dethroning of Apple’s divine AirPods, growing technology has gifted you the power to listen to your music without the distraction of awful spaghetti cords running down your face.

You don’t even have to wear white wireless buds to look classy while making a call or asking Siri for your way home. The power of choice has set you free!

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