Best Wireless Workout Headphones and Earbuds in 2022

Everybody loves music. Not every kind of music, but a particular beat that gets every cell in the body dancing for joy; a good way to begin exercising.

So if you hate working out but your doctor demands of it, listening to that upbeat song via the best headphones and earbuds for a workout makes magic happen!

Wondering why you need music, not just one song but a whole playlist while working out, let me break the music-workout equation for you.

Research shows, listening to upbeat tunes playing between 120 and 140 beats per minute while working out distracts your mind from bodily awareness.

Meaning, at least 15% of your body whines about tiredness, pain and how it can't take any more of it are drowned.

Haven't you noticed how fast and efficient you get when doing boring or repetitive chores while listening to your favorite music?

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Wireless Headsets For Workout

Say you are now sold on to jig till your spare tire drops; two questions come to mind, can you exercise with headphones?
And if so, what are the best sweatproof headphones for working out?

Although the workout section is dominated by earbuds; to be discussed a little later, some wireless headphones can win this challenge.

Today's advanced technology has headphones' manufacturers bending backward to build sweat-resistant headphones.

So, yes you can exercise with headphones and here is the list of the best sweatproof headphones for the workout.

Alltrum Over-ear Headphones

Imagine listening to your workout playlist straight from the headphones. The SD card slot on Alltrum Over-ear wireless headphones' earcup gives you to pleasure to get your music closer home.

But should you choose to keep the affair to laptop, tablet or smartphone, Bluetooth will keep the secret as long as they remain within 10-meter distance.

These headphones produce impressive stereo sound with amazing bass like no other in below-$30 price league.

You are assured of long hours of comfort courtesy of padded and adjustable headband, soft earmuffs and lightweight, 430 grams.

On durability, judging from the top quality material used to build the gadget, they won't break any time soon.

Alltrum headphones occupy less space in your gym bag and deliver at least 14 hours playtime from up to 5-hours of charging.

If you choose to take a long jog, Alltrum is kind enough to give the ‘toot' warning when the juice is almost drained.

Soul Electronics X-TRA Performance Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

Most headphones crash with the slightest hint of sweat, not Soul X-TRA wireless headphones.

They have guts to withstand the acid and allow you to strip the breathable earpads for a wash.

But that's not all, the headphones' ergonomic design consists of a breathable headband to keep your head cool while remaining intact throughout an extreme workout

Should you choose to jog in the dark, the dual-mode LED lights guarantee visibility as you indulge in signature vibes of your gym playlist.

Expect balanced bass and clear highs in an exceptional package.

The headphones deliver an impressive 24-hour playtime, rechargeable using USB. On the windward side, the price stands above $100; a fair compromise though when getting strong Bluetooth connectivity in headphones weighing less than 200 grams.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 On-Ear Sport Headphones

Unlike the competitors in the sports arena, these headphones connect with up to two devices at the same time; say your phone and tablet, and pair with up to 8.

That gives you the freedom to inspire your workout session from a wild list of upbeat music and answer your calls with ease.

You have access to adequate on-ear controls for deep rich sound delivered through the 40mm drivers.

It's hard to miss the wide-band enabled microphone for your calls and voice assistance.

Plantronics headphones deliver 18 hours playtime from each recharge.

But if you forget to juice them up, the 3.5mm audio cable can fill in to ensure continuous motivation though at the expense of wireless freedom.

Every second of wearing them comes with unmatched comfort from the headband's and earcups' memory foam.

Every gym rat will love the noise cancellation aspect while enduring any challenge.

These headphones use P2i military-grade nano-coating for protection against sweat, moisture, and possible spills.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

When the word Beats is mentioned, the words pricey and quality light up; not a match made in heaven.

So when you add sweat to the mix, chances of falling for Beats Solo3 shrink below 10%. But let's look at what you are missing, shall we?

Beats Solo3 wireless headphones deliver 40 hours of battery life at uncompromised comfort courtesy of well-cushioned earcups and adjustable headband to fit your head.

The headphones are fine-tuned acoustic to capitalize on clarity and balance, meaning, you have the ultimate feel of your music without manhandling your Android or Apple devices.

And, the multifunction on-ear controls give you authority to manipulate your music, calls and voice assistant as you wish.

Beats Solo3 headphones' foldability allows them to sit unnoticed in your backpack together with 3.5mm remote talk audio cable and USB charging cable in the beautiful carry case.

You may want to stick to the wireless option; they weigh about 900 grams without it.

TREBLAB Z2 Ultra Premium Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Whether you choose to turn your living room to a gym or take a jog off the road, Treblab Z2 headphones allow you to mute annoying noises and focus on getting ripped.

Through the Neodymium-backed drivers, the headphones teleport you to the world of thrilling energy of sound in focused bass for 35 hours of use per 3-hour charge.

Not even sweat will stop you; they are built for sports.

Throughout your exercise, you are guaranteed cloud-like comfort from ultra-soft ear cups and adjustable headband.

The built-in microphone allows you to answer calls so you won't miss out on other important bits of your life.

Fogeek Apollo 1 Bluetooth Headphones

Coming at a fair price, Fogeek Apollo 1 headphones deliver high-quality clear sound with deep bass without needing a regular recharge. A 3-hour charge gives 30 hours playtime.

The headphones guarantee significant noise reduction to allow you to focus on your workout.

Whether you like some songs loud and others soft, you won't need to return to your phone; use on-ear controls to change volume/tracks or answer/ end calls as you wish.

The built-in microphone ensures clear tone quality for every call.

Besides being lightweight, the super-soft earmuffs ensure extreme comfort on your ears so you can focus on your sport under the inspiration of your music.

True Wireless Earbuds For Workout

Maybe you have an appetite for variety and are now wondering, are headphones or earbuds better for working out?
As earlier, we promised here is the list of the Best True Wireless Earbuds for your workout.

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

Weighing about 290 grams for comfort and stability; SoundSport free wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to deliver your favorite music from your phone with power and clarity.

The headphones are built to ensure comfort and remain stable even an intense workout.

They come with three extra tips; small, medium, large and sweat and water-resistant Stay Hear+ fitted with water repel mesh.

They provide 5-hour playtime for every 2-hour recharge and an extra 10 hours on packed for you in the carry case.

No need to worry about misplacing the earbuds, Bose Connect App's ‘Find my buds' shows where and when the last pairing happened. Should you need to take calls, right earbud has to call audio at your service.

PowerBeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

Losing your earbud while cycling or running is nothing new to elite athletes, not with PowerBeats Pro Totally Wireless earphones.

They have adjustable secure-fit ear hooks to ensure safety even with increased vigor in your workout.

Built on Apple H1 headphone chip, PowerBeats earphones deliver top quality music for 9 hours per earbud; whether to use both or one at a time is your choice.

Each bud has voice capability, volume and track control.

You have 24 hours of charge packed in the charging case in case you run out.

They filter external noise so you can keep the music low and stay motivated as you charge towards your coveted goal.

JLab Audio JBuds Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds

While most sports-oriented earbuds are pricey, the JBuds play in below-$100 leagues to encourage your workout in the hi-fi spirit.

The sweatproof earbuds have ear hooks allowing you to focus on the fun instead of worrying about losing them.

Should you choose to take the exercise outdoors, turning OFF ‘Be Aware Audio' marries the ambiance to your music keeping you refreshed and ready to push.

While indoors and not interested in the atmosphere, turn it ON to allow you to engage in your workout full throttle.

JBuds give 40 hours playtime; 6 in the earbuds and 34 with the charging case so you won't slow down or lose a conversation with your callers over the upgraded dual microphones.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa-enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds -

Juggling between staying fit and other life's activities have never been easy.

But with Jabra Elite earbuds, you can engage Alexa to take care of the shopping as you focus on fitness. You are assured of 15 hours charge; 5 in the earbuds and 10 with the charging case.

With these in-ear earbuds, you enjoy reduced dropouts on your music and calls courtesy of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

They come in a secure-fitting design to avoid falling out as you workout while delivering outstanding audio experience.

Jabra Elite earbuds come with a 2-year warranty against dust and sweat when you register them using Jabra Sound+ App.

The App also allows you to create your playlist for your music with the customizable equalizer, making your workout worth every minute.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Earbuds

While keeping the price below $50 and weight below 6 grams, Liberty Neo earbuds deliver clear-cut sound over the massive stage. Wearing them compares to the air whispering incredible audio into your ear!

These earbuds are built with well-tuned graphene drivers to enable you to feel the power of your music.

They deliver 3.5 hours playtime and up to 9 hours from the pocket-friendly charging case.

Liberty Neo earbuds sweat and water resistance dare you to rinse them in running water; they won't break.

Still, you will receive true-to-life stereo calls anytime anywhere without ever dropping courtesy of LDS antenna using Bluetooth 5.0.

Each earbud can work alone, allowing the other to charge. As for fitting, you have up to 4 ear tips of various sizes and matching ear wings.

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Though not built for swimming, TOZO T10 earbuds use IPX8 waterproof Nano-coating to allow you to run, ski or undertake exercises where wetness is guaranteed.

They can stand one-meter deep in-water immersion for 30 minutes without giving in.

They deliver authentic Hi-Fi stereo sound quality through 8mm speaker driver with noise reduction.

With the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you are guaranteed of a stable flow of your music.

Built with gel-flexibility, TOZO T10 earbuds have ergonomic design ensuring unmatched comfort as they sit in your ear.

This allows you to exhaust the 3.5 hours playtime from a single charge; a further 9 hours wait in the charging case.

Though the playtime is less than most competitors, the $50 price tag is a fair deal.

PASONOMI Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If pricing is anything to go by while selecting your workout companion, PASONOMI earbuds are nothing short of the best.

Going for less than $50, these earbuds deliver top-notch Hi-Fi stereo with a crisp treble for 4 hours non-stop.

The charging case offers 18-times recharge for the earbuds and acts as a power bank for your smartphone.

Adopting fast pairing using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, once out of the charging case, the earbuds pair then seek the smartphone to link in less than a few seconds.

They are IPX7 waterproof allowing you to go to the gym, jog or run in the rain without getting damaged.

To ensure comfort, PASONOMI earbuds are ergonomically designed and weigh less than 300 grams.

They come with 6 couple of silicone ear tips to allow you to use one that fits as you carry on with your active life. Despite the music, you will never notice their presence.

Wireless Earbuds For Workout

Beyond classic headbands and earbuds, there's a world you need to know about. The list below covers five wireless earbuds using Bluetooth technology, one is wired while the last adopts bone conducting technology. This is the home of athletes engaging in intense-movement sports like running, dancing and aerobics. Meet the best ‘behind-the-neck' headphones for the workout.

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

The sweatproof, lightweight ‘behind the neck' headphone delivers freedom to work out under the inspiration of great music delivered in crystal clear superior Hi-Fi stereo.

The foldable headphones guarantee 12-hour playtime under the support of a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery without causing your ears agony.

Expect soothing contact from the soft foam padded on-the-ear caps all day long.
Worried about missing a call while at the gym?

Don't. Riding on Bluetooth 4.1, Levin headphones allow you to talk over the built-in microphone without dropping a word. The mic also works for talk-to-text/Siri, skip-free.

Spirit X Sports Earphones

When you are in your last lap, ready to push beyond known limits, Spirit X Sports earphones fuel your effort with striking sound; ecstatic bass, lavish mids, and pure trebles.

The submarine-inspired structured earphones aren't threatened by your sweat's acidity, build with impermeable hydro-seal; they last up to 100 times longer in the saltiest seawater.

Tagging behind your neck, Spirit X earphones guaranteed 12-hour playtime; an equivalent of 250 songs from 1.5-hour recharge.

That comes with over-the-edge comfort from over-ear hooks and relaxed silicone ear-tips.

Weighing less than 40 grams, the only time you notice these earphones is when your music pauses to give way to an incoming call.

The inline remote ensures clear phone calls no matter where you are. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you will never lose a call.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Workout Headphones

Anker invests more in making your workout life comfortable with customized ear-tips, ear-hooks, fit clip and shirt clip.

They even make sure to keep your SoundBuds headphones safe when you aren't using them by incorporating magnet to have the buds clip together around your neck.

These headphones have 10-hour playtime, enough to serve you a day, in and out of the gym.

Being IPX7 waterproof, the headphones have superior protection against water, sweat and rain giving you a chance to drive your workout to the extreme without compromising their durability.

The headphones allow you to manage your music and respond to calls with the inline remote and microphone.

The powerful audio riding on Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the 15 grams in-ear headphones worth the money.

A little more effort from the manufacturer on the microphone would deliver better quality.

SoundBuds Curve Wireless Headphones

Unlike the SoundBuds Slip, Curve headphones maximize on playtime; 18 hours to be precise with the discipline of keeping the volume at 60% or below.

While the former version attracts complains around the microphone, Curve detects and delivers your voice with ultimate clarity then returns the response with rich thumping bass.

Whether you are surfing the salty sea or sweating buckets, Curve headphones provide superior defense against possible corrosion.

Where your sport demands extreme movement, the soft adjustable ear-hooks and variety of ear-tips keep the headphones in position.

Choose from the variety provided the tip that fits your ears best.

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

The word Power in beats isn't some kind of decoration; it's the symbol of Apple W1 chip in these earphones.

Besides the hard-to-ignore beauty, Powerbeats3 wireless earphones observe fast fueling to guarantee the presence of your music to inspire you during your workouts.

Think 5 minutes charge for 1-hours playtime and a full charge for 12!

These in-ears deliver immersive sound experience; dynamic highs and powerful lows to silence your body's whines during challenging workouts.

The remote talk allows you to control your music, stay in contact with Siri and take calls while responding through the powerful built-in microphone; noise cancellation included.

Powerbeats3 earphones have secure-fit ear hooks, various sized ear tips and adjustable chord going behind your neck to ensure maximum comfort and stability.

You no longer have to worry about the safety of your gadget upon engaging in your chosen sport.

While the earphones have professed to be sweat and water-resistant, most users say the charging port isn't immune; once attacked, the batteries short.

Getting an insurance cover will help when you have to replace batteries.

The unfortunate part; this is an Apple-only party, everyone else should check next door.

Mucro Sports Ear-hook Headphones

If you have to juggle between work and workout without needing to switch headphones; these ear-hook headphones' got your ears!

The exquisitely designed ear-hooks are detachable so you don't have to wear them when there's no risk of falling.

But when working out, the optimized nozzle angle design delivers comfort and stability so you can focus on pursuing the challenge ahead of you.

With only 18 grams to it, you won't even know they exist.

Being wired, yet build for sports, you are provided with a cable clip so they don't tangle you out of focus.

They aim to deliver premium sound in amazing volume while reducing the background noise; a promise they live to keep.

Mucro Sports Ear-hook headphones have a high-quality microphone allowing you to answer phone calls when you need to.

The chord directed to your phone is 1.2 meters long, allowing your phone to remain in the pocket or strap on your hand during the workout.

Aftershokz Trek Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

If you are tired ear tips spitting in your ears during the mud run, Trek Air Wireless headphones may seal the deal for you.

These headphones employ bone conduction technology to relay exceptional stereo sound without stripping away the ambiance.

They hug the front of your ear delivering inspiration from your music in a deep base.

With the weight light as the lock of your hair and a soft grip in front and behind your ear, it will take the interruption of a call to remember they exist. This is true even for people who wear glasses or hearing aid.

The improved dual noise-canceling microphones ensure crystal clear calling no matter where you go.

It's a shame that they deliver up to 4-hour playtime, aren't adjustable and they cost way over $100, but that's a fair compromise for the sweat-proof aspect and unbeatable design.

In each section of best headphones and earbuds for the workout; headphones, earbuds and behind-the-neck, there is a Beats product.

With their price higher than most of their competitors, you may be wondering, can you wear Beats headphones while working out?
Yes. But don't shy away from testing all the others.

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